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Yesterday when I went to Mass I felt the homily was directed to ME – because the priest spoke about the site “Sacred Space” (a site of Irish Jesuits) on the internet. He went on to speak about a wonderful priest, Fr. Rolheiser. It so happens that I used to “go into” the Sacred Space site every day until I attended a one-day program at Vallombrosa (a retreat house just south of San Francisco) given by Fr. Rolheiser about the Eucharist. Fr. Rolheiser’s words so inspired me that I decided to go to Mass every day – I truly believe he Eucharist “keeps me going” – I’m not sure if I could survive without it. BarbG
I am sure that the Eucharist does keep you going. It does me. I started going to Mass every day about four years ago. I haven’t made it every day, but only I only miss when I cannot get there. There are times when I am required to travel for business. If I can get to Mass I do. I have even rented a car (more than once) while on a trip simply so I could get to Mass. I have visited churchs all over, many cities, many states. I’ve been to communion services led by a Deacon, because there was no priest. We should all be promted to pray for vocations.

As Father John Corapi say, “The world could sooner exist without the sun than without a priest, because without a priest there would be no Eucharist.”

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