TV: How do you watch TV?

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Please use this tread for poll answers, use the Say No to TV Thread for comments!
I watch TV with the power turned off. I find it’s better for the mind.
I watch TV in my patient’s rooms, in the middle of the night, while providing them care. Lots of them watch it when they can’t fall asleep. I don’t have one at home though. The old ladies really like it when I join them in handwringing over the depravity offered on the tube these days. :banghead:
Just some thoughts…

After a year of asking my wife if we could disconnect the TV, several years ago she gave watching television up for Lent. Lent came and went and afterwards, there was more peace in our home. I asked after Lent if she was ready to disconnect it and again she said no. It took the following day to convict her otherwise. One evening of watching the news and she agreed. We disconnected the cable service and cannot get any channels where we live.

We did decide to keep the television and vcr/dvd player. Now we watch movies like: Jesus of Nazareth, A Man for All Seasons, Cherub Wings, Holy Baby!, Footprints of God series by Steve Ray, etc…

We use the televsion as a means to grow in our faith and a means to begin teaching our daughters some of the faith.

In Christ,

Take your TV and throw it in the street and drive over it with your car.

Chris C.
Groucho Marx said he found TV very educational --whenever someone turned it on he went into the other room to read a book.
Personally, I will never give up my EWTN, and I can only get this through my satellite. I have learned so much and have truly been inspired by what I have seen on that valuable network. But I do believe that what goes into the mind comes out in some form, which can include television, books, etc. We are the ones in control of that.

Ally 🙂
We only watch (WHEN we watch, which is rare) what comes over the airwaves. No cable, no satellite.

We get the major networks, and they’re pathetic enough that we rarely even turn them on.

Our little girls watch the PBS cartoons, and Veggie Tales videos and Little House on the Prairie DVD’s. That’s about the extent of it.
Sorry, but without a TV, it’s pretty difficult to watch…

Karl Keating:
I watch TV with the power turned off. I find it’s better for the mind.
Karl, my TV is acutally off, but I use it to help me read print.

To Ham1…I listen to my baseball, it’s like going back to the 1940’s. Unless your play by play announcers aren’t as good as ours (Cleveland)! Go Indians!

Go with God!
By monitoring the content… just like I do for movies, books, cd’s use of the Internet… the key is content… not the medium.
I thank God that my cable company provides EWTN!! I am not a Catholic yet, and I am here to say that EWTN has touched my life in a big way.

What little bit of other stations I do watch I do try to keep it all tasteful. There is just so much garbage on TV that it is hard to avoid it all. I do like the history channel, and also catch a decent movie on TBS.
Sorry, but without a TV, it’s pretty difficult to watch…

Silly silly person!! 😉

If you want to watch baseball, get out of the house and GO TO THE BALLFIELD!!!

We have a minor league park about 25 minutes away–state of the art, beautiful, comfortable, GREAT baseball!! And like $6 per ticket. My husband and two of our kids are going today. That’s $18. Throw in some snacks, which are still fairly cheap, and it’s $30. For 4 hours of good fun in the fresh air, an occasional foul ball to bring home, real family bonding time…

And since we don’t pay cable or satellite companies, we get all that for less than most of you pay for TV.
We occasionally watch a videocassette . Maybe three or four times a year we watch a network show. Turning off the TV has been the best thing we ever did for our kids.
You guys are making me laugh… I am always the geek in the crowd (and quite used to it 😃 ) but I’ve never met so many others who don’t have or don’t watch the TV either. I think it’s fabulous!!! No wonder I feel so at home here 😛 .
I watch very little TV although I have satellite and antenna reception.
We have Cable. I really love the History channel and the news channels.

Furthermore, I think it’s good for my understanding of what youth view these days. Also, I think there is some value of the logic that exposing your children to small amounts of television and movies is good for them: sort of like the recent studies that have come out about children of parents who kept them completely out of the way of bacteria and germs loose the protection gained by being exposed to them.
Satellite is my choice for The TV. My wife thinks I’m crazy but I only watch EWTN and TVLand which automatically tells you that YES, I’m a baby Boomer. I use Radio for news and of course Catholic answers!! Shortwave radio at that. That gives me the world in small doses. EWTN has great programs that are good for both the children and adults
we have cable, but I guess I never knew how bad it was until I recently broke my hip. It is really bad! I do collect antique radios, so I spend most of my time listening to them. Of course, wewn catholic radio. Thank God and Mother Angelica we have that.
I watch only the following:
Fox News
Turner Classic Movies (hate Ted Turner, though)
Cartoon Network (for kids)
Any showing of My Big Fat Greek Wedding

I have not watched network TV in about 15 or more years.
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