What Individuals Do You Most Admire?

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Who are the individuals you most admire? I know God, Our Mother Mary & Family would be at the top of the list so you do not have to write them in unless you really want to. List as many as you wish.
To avoid making a long list I will just write their characteristic: They have to be living simply or they are supposed to have lived simply. And according to the their state in life. Period!!!
OK, I have a lot of them

Pope, Fr. Corapi, Joe Schiedler (PLAL), parents (they are the best!), Sports - Walter Payton, my sister (for joining the “sisterhood”).
John Paul II
Ronald Reagan
Fr. Benedict Groeschel
Pat Tillman
Jesus was a man to be admired in all aspects.
Our pope is to be admired. He has been a genius in atoning for the Church’s past sins.
I think Mahatma Gandhi was to be admired. He brought a nation to it’s knees on non-violence.
Martin Luther King was admirable in this manner too. His oration was almost “musical” to the ears.
Oscar Schindler was another man I found fascinating. He was a very flawed man but yet saved a people from mass murder and extinction.

Other than Jesus, I have always admired “flawed heroes.” Maybe it’s because it is all we can ever aspire to. I will never obtain Jesus’ perfection but who knows, I may obtain the righteousness of any of the above
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