Where do you sit in church, and why?

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That’s the question, folks. Everyone has their favorite pew to sit in. Where is yours? What is the reason you like it? Do you think it’s a reflection of your personality in any way? What about your level of involvement in parish life?

As for me, I generally sit 4 or 5 rows back in the right front. Our church is a traditional shape. I sit up there for the benefit of my daughters. Also, I’ve come to feel a part of the neighborhood, so to speak. I usually attend the vigil Mass, BTW.

My involvement in parish life is limited to attending Mass I also like weekday Mass. I sit on the left side for weekday Mass, I think because the sun shines through the windows on that side in the morning and they always offer the chalace on that side. I sit further back for weekday Mass.
We usually set about 4 rows back on the right side, mainly because my wife is mostly deaf in her right ear. Our church has been renovated so there isn’t really a bad seat in the whole church. We are also special ministers of the eucharist, so we don’t have to walk so far when we distribute.
I sit in the back pew and if one is not available then second to the back etc. I have to bring my four kids and have tried sitting closer to the front and all the getting up and going out to deal with them caused quite the view for everyone in church so until they can sit still and be good then its towards the back.

When I was little we always sat second to the front and I mean always, I don’t remember acting the ways my kids dare to but then again I didn’t want to get taken out since dad was gonna be doin some spankin :eek: Anyways, times they have changed and you can get into some pretty hot water so you have to be pretty careful, even a little spank can be viewed as abuse by some 😦 Boy, I wish for the days when I was growing up when a spank was just a spank and the kid only needed it once in a blue moon like myself and they respected their folks and loved them for caring enough about them, these days it really is hard to know just what the right thing to do is. So for now its the back pew for us but I look forward to moving up front 😛
I don’t think “where” you sit reflects anything, but it must be a human tendency to want to sit in the same place every week. At meetings at work (no matter what the frequency is), everyone seems to sit in about the same place. Ditto for college classes I recall.
I like this question and I’ve often wondered why I keep sitting in the same place. I’m surprised I haven’t worn the finish off the wood…I go to daily Mass. When I first returned to church, I sat in the back pew. As I went more and more, I moved up to about the sixth from the back. Now I’m strategically placed a little ahead of 1/2 way, smack between the “old-timers” (I don’t mean age) and the “newbies.”

BUT, I take my 6 y.o with me in the summer to daily Mass. I can tell when she’s in a bad mood and those days we sit last pew, right side (because, you see, all other days must be left side because I think I may be obsessive-compulsive in my pew placement). I’m hesitant to move further up in positioning because those spots are claimed by others who always sit in the same spot.

Interesting part of human nature, LOL.

We generally sit three or four pews back. As a lector, we sit on the side of the ambo, so that returned to the nave is easier. And when I am not lectoring, we sit in the same area out of force of habit.
Front row, closest available, and with a sound theological reason - my wife makes me.
Usually in the middle for anything you can think of. Church service, sporting events, movies, classes, etc. With the only recent exception being my high school graduation as I sat up front since my last name begins with the letter “A.”
Well I choose very deliberately where I sit when I go to my local parish.

There are four sections - two facing the altar from one direction and two from another. Each section has a center aisle and two side aisles.

The priest always serves the same section and on the far left.
So that is where I sit. Then I choose to sit in the last seat in the pew next to the aisle by the wall because that way when I decline to hold hands during the Our Father, people do not have to reach over and around me to keep their chain goin.😉

When I go to the Tridentine Mass, I sit pretty close to the fron because I love watching the meticulous movements of the priest and the altar boys - its almost like watching a dance with each movement so precise and deliberate.
In the sanctuary when I’m the cantor; otherwise center section (cross shaped church), left side, third pew, center aisle. I started sitting here for a number of reasons. I attend the Saturday vigil, and often go to confession beforehand. I arrive an hour before Mass to gather my thoughts and examine my conscience. From this position, I have a direct view of the confessional line, and I can tell when it’s a good time to jump in. Also, the priest distributes Communion on this side, which I prefer

Oh, this is an interesting topic!

My parents and I always sit in the same spot when we go to Mass, pretty much: the first row of pews … but in a section off to the side of the church. It’s hard to explain. :confused:

But anyway … this way I have a clear view of the priest and everything else going on, but I don’t feel like I’m being looked at by everyone else. I feel the most comfortable there … so that’s why we sit there! :yup:
The very front row on the right inside. Unless my asthma kicks up and then I sit in the chapel. It is enclosed wtih glass, and in the front, so I still see everything but the alter. This way I am not destracted by anyone. selfish aren’t I :o When my children were young I sat in the second/ third row on the right but on the outside. This way they weren’t distracted and it was a quick escape to the bathroom if necessary without distracting anyone. 🙂

Pani Rose
In the back…on an end. I’m one of those people who will not ‘scoot over’ if you come in late…you have to walk over me. 😃 Reason being I was once in a large auditorium, sitting in the middle when a tornado came and ripped part of the roof off. I thought we were all going to be crushed. It turned out to be cosmetic damage but we didn’t know that at the time. I couldn’t get out.
I had flashbacks for a long time and would have panic attacks at just the sound of the wind…so no matter what kind of a crowd I’m in I always sit in a position where I can get out if I need to…and I always know where the exits are.

I’m a lot better than I used to be but its not all gone yet…so its psychological with me. 🙂

dream wanderer
For Sunday mass, to the right sort of in the back. Protects me from the incense which I like but my allergies don’t, and I can see Our Lady’s window. I always sit in the middle of the row so people won’t crawl over me.

At daily mass (in a different parish) about 2/3 of the way back on the right but not so far in. Who knows why? I started there and I always go to just about the same spot.
It depends. Usually, at the chapel, third pew, left side, right on the center aisle. At the parish church fifth pew left side right on the center aisle. If I am unable to receive Communion that day, I sit in the back.

Reasons for this? I really have never thought of ii before.

My involvement in parish life is limited to participatin in Mass twice a week and attending adoration once a week. Previously, I was much more active in my parish, but I found it going to my head (making me think I was important), so I have limited myself. If asked, I will serve in any capacity, but I will not volunteer to do anything that will put me in the spotlight. I prefer to be a “behind the scenes” type of worker.

Well… I’ve progressed from the second to the last pew to the third to the last pew… 😃 I sit smack in the middle so people don’t have to climb over me, though it was a bit sticky when I couldn’t receive communion while I was going through RCIA. A couple of the members of the team have told me they are going to get me up front eventually, but for now I’m most comfortable in the back.

And I’m trying to be active in the parish, volunteering to do stuff, but it’s still a challenge. I don’t feel up to committees and stuff yet, but when they need a hand I can do that kind of thing.
We like to sit on the left side of the church, between the
3rd and 8th rows. We like being close to the front, there
are less distractions being there and we are on the side the
priest is when reading the gospel and giving the homily.
A few weeks back we attended Mass with someone who prefers
to sit in the very last pew, there was talking going on, and I felt
too far away from the altar.
If possible, in a pew. Left side. Near the front if I’m scheduled to read.

If not possible, on the floor. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Sunday Mass at our chapel where there’s enough room for everybody in the pews. The floor is carpeted and reasonably comfortable.
I almost always sit in the back pew on the aisle mostly due to a possible ‘panic attack’, (I suffer from anxiety disorder) and I can leave if I need to without calling attention to myself. ( BTW I never have had to leave yet)just knowing I can gives me security).🙂
On Sundays, I usually find a pew near the back of church. I have a tendency to be a bit proud, so I try to be visible to as few people as possible. In this way I can avoid the temptation to be reverent so others will see.

Sitting toward the back also makes it easier to select the line in which I’ll process for Communion. I prefer to receive Our Lord from the consecrated hands of a priest, and there is often no way to know where he will stand until he takes his position.

During the week, when I attend Mass at a parish near where I work, I ordinarily find a place near the middle of the nave on the right side. Since there are only a few people there on most days, it’s the same as being in the back.
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