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I have been married 22 years. Came back to faith after ignoring my faith for some 30+ years. I have embraced Catholism and love learning more and more about our faith and learned to love our Lord with all my heart. However!!, my wife is protestant, has welcomed my coming to faith and has been accompanying me in going to our our local Catholic church on Sundays. My daughter was recently confirmed last Easter.

Sooo what is the problem? My wife is basically ignorant to most Catholic doctrine and has expressed little desire to understand and accept Catholic doctrine on some controveral issues. The issue at hand as I pleade for assistance here is birth control. We are in our late 40’s, she had her tubes tied some 18 years ago. As i see it, based on Catholic doctrine, I am stuck between a rock a hard place. My wife has no intension what so ever in have her surgery reversed. I am not certain is safe to do so if she in fact was willing. I am left with very few choices here:
  1. insist she have her surgery reversed and, when she refuses, remain celebate until she leaves me.
Come to think of it, looks like I have only one choice. Can some apologist please help me here. I want to do the right thing. Please do not suggest I reason with her. Please trust it is out of the question.

Much thanks.
Dear Mi,

The Church does not require such surgery from Catholics, let alone non-Catholics. While the Church would see such surgery as an act of repentance, all that it requires of Catholics is that the person repent and seek absolution.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.
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