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I went to confession a few weeks ago and at the time that he was supposed to tell me to say my act of contrition, he just asked me if I was sorry for my sins, and I said yes, of course, because I was in fact sorry for my sins. After that, he performed the absolution, and then I left. I was wondering if the act of contrition was supposed to be replaced with saying yes to the question “are you sorry for your sins”. I don’t know if the reconciliation was valid or not.
It was valid.

An act of contrition has to be made, that sounds like it was it. 👍

as long as you confessed everything , withholding nothing purposely, and you were soory, and the priest pronounced the words of absolution - you’re reconciled. 😃
If you were not only sorry for your sins, but were resolved to do your very best to avoid the sins in the future then, in my opinion, you fulfilled the requirements for the Sacrament of Penance. The priest is required to assure himself that you are sorry for your sins, not just reporting them. He also must believe that you resolve not to commit them again. The Act of Contrition would have said all this in clear language, but it sounds like the priest was trying to hurry things along by asking you if you were sorry, thus avoiding the time it would take you to recite.

If there were many in the Confession line and he did the same for all, perhaps he had time to catch a ball game. If that was the case, then shame on him!!! In my opinion he might be derelict in his ministration of the Sacrament. However, you fulfilled all of the requirements, if my understanding of them and of your sincerity is correct.
Is there a book of rubrics for the Sacrament of Reconcilliation? I don’t know of one. But to the best of my knowledge, there is no specific prayer that has to be said; most of us know one, or a variation of one.
However, the comment about the priest getting time to hear a ball game is a bit on the snotty side; why are we casting aspersions on him? Does a rote recited prayer really do better than a heartfelt “Yes, I am sorry”?
OTM - yes there is.

Go to a Catholic book store and ask for the

book of the RITE OF PENANCE.

It has the same material hard cover and the Lectionary and Sacramentary, and is Orange in color (last time i checked)
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