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Our prayer life with God draws us closer to Him. So let us start this Thread concering All About Prayer

  1. How prayer has strenghens us personally and in the Body of Christ.
    (Praying to the Angels and Saints in Heaven and the souls in Purgatory).
2, What are your favorite forms of prayer and what types of prayer.
  1. How to improve our prayer life.
OK, since starting out this thread, here are some of my thoughts on the subjects:

Through my personal struggles in the last 3 years in my life, I am comforted by many loved ones praying for me (2 eye surgeries) and that has strengthened my faith.

My favorite prayers are the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Jesus Prayer, yet being Byzantine Catholic, I am drawn toward the spirituality of the Eastern Rite.

Even though I pray to our Lord, I still within myself that a sense of helplessness, I doubt myself in my ability for prayer life. (Could I be going through the Dark Night of the Soul)? I heard that is a sign for the ability to strengthen one’s faith.

How has prayer strenghten you?
What does it take to be steeped in prayer? Contemplative Prayer?

I would like to grow deeper in prayer without given a ‘grocery list’ every time I talk to our Lord.

Is it better to pray already written prayers or just ones made up at the spur of the moment? Dows it matter?


Glory be to Jesus Christ! Glory to Him Forever!
**Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said “without prayer no faith, without faith no love, without love no service, without service no joy, no peace. I truly believe that all the happiness that we have in our lives comes from prayer. We get everything we need in our life from God and if we do not communicate with him, how will we know what he wants. Prayer also gives us strength to fight evil and help others. Saint Therese of Lisieux said “What would I do without prayer and sacrifice? They are all the strength I’ve got, the irresistible weapons our Lord granted me. I’ve proved it again and again – they touch souls more surely than any words can. **

If you want to find a deeper way of praying I would suggest reading books by or on Saint Therese of Jesus (Avila) or Saint John of the Cross. “Fire within” is a good one to read
Prayer is more than just talking to God. It is being actively in his presence (whether you feel anything or not). It includes observing and listening to Him.

I let Jesus be the foundation of my life and my soul. I am anchored in him (at least I try to be, sometimes the anchor is cut, and I have to reattach it).

There are many forms of spoken/thought prayer. Some are composed prayers, such as the Our Father or the Mass. Others are spontaneous such as just talking to God about your day.

There are meditiations where you focus and pray on a spiritual event and see where the Holy Spirit leads you. This can include a well-prayed Rosary, or a meditative reading of the Bible or saint lives, or a concept like “How much God loves me?”.

You can look at the world and be absorbed in the wonder of creation. This too is prayer.

God wants to an active part of every part of your life. Do you let Him? Do you invite Him in? Are they certain things that you do without God? Why?

Pray Always and become more one with God.
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