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As I was in “Our Greatest Prayer” one Wednesday evening and as the Priest was exiting I became a little curious about “where did Altar boys come from”—why do we have them—besides to help the Priest at Mass??
I remember being told that they once acted as the “bodyguards” of the priest during Mass, during the persecutions, or in later centuries when clergy could be targeted for assassinations.

Another point of view sees servers as symbolizing the choir of angels, flanking Our Lord (the priest) at the altar of sacrifice.

This article from the *Catholic Encyclopedia * might give more useful information.
Lets give a shout out to altar servers, I was one for 6 years! Yay for altar servers!
Tyler Smedley:
Lets give a shout out to altar servers, I was one for 6 years! Yay for altar servers!
Was one? How come you are not still? (Humor Break Tyler) 😉

We have several in our parish who were Altar boys in their youth. Now in retirement they are back in service. I get a kick out of calling a 70 year old an Altar Boy. 🙂 But they are devoted and really well trained. They also help train the younger generation so I join in that Shout of approval. :whistle:
I remember as director of religious education and religion teacher at a catholic school, how the pastor put me in charge of supervising the altar “servers”. NOT that i trained them: that is the pastor’s job: Father was a real orthodox and great priest, and they really learned how to serve the mass from him. Father had been an altar boy himself and that’s how later on he got his calling to the priesthood. ANYWAY, I remember how proud those 8th grade students were to be altar boys. They looked forward to the school Mass where they can be seen by the whole school community. And how respectful they were. At Mass they were not laughing, joking, smiling, they were there to serve Jesus Christ as best they could, and knew their great responsobilities. They were told: if they did not take think it was serious to serve God that way, they will be asked to leave.
Was this 40 years ago?  NO this was  as recent as March 2004.  It is possible to have well trained and disciplined altar boys who love God and are reverent, and respectful, and yes: holy.   By the way, two already have said they feel called to be priests.:amen:
GREAT if they can also be taught at least: some Latin
Phoenix had the first Traditional Latin Mass in its Diocese last Sunday. Prior to the Mass they had a ceremony of induction for 16 altar boys - it was beautiful.

As one person in attendance wrote:
“The sincerity of the boys profession and their kissing the surplice after making their promises spoke volumes”
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