altar boyz?

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i don’t do much posting, so i don’t know if this is even the right place for this thread, but here goes.
does anyone know anything about the show altar boyz? it’s off-broadway right now, but it also might travel sometimes, i don’t know. anyway, some of my friends and i want to see it because the playbill descriptions look really funny, but we don’t know if it’s really inappropriate or anti-catholic or anything. so if anyone has seen this and can vouch one way or the other, that would be delightful!
I actaully just saw this a few weeks ago here in houston. My roommate has seen the one in New york and loved it so a big group of us went. It’s not anti-catholic at all. Being catholic made it even funnier since we got all the jokes. Believe me everytime the cross themselves or say a side remark you will get the joke. I wonder how protestants feel about the musical since they may not understand everything? I think my favorite songs are “Girl I’m waiting for you” (talking about chasity) and “I am Catholic”.

its a musically about 4 catholic boys and a Jew who start a boy band to spread the word of God. If you can catch it and you like musicals then go for it. Just beware there is no intermission so it really is a 90 minute boy-band concert.
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