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I have been told that an easy way to start really reading the Bible, and studying it, is to read Luke, then the Acts of the Apostles, the letters of St Paul, then Romans, then the other Gospels, the rest of the NT, and Psalms, then leaf through when you see the NT refer to what scripture said, and find the OT writings as in Isaiah.

Can I get other opinions on this?
My wife and I have been looking for a way to read the bible - and actually getting it done.

We are following Jeff Cavin’s and Scott Hahn’s ‘Our Father’s Plan’ - a series they did for EWTN that breaks down the bible into historical time periods and you read it starting with Genesis all the way through the New Testament. You do not read every book, but the books selected help you read the bible as a continous story - viewing God’s plan for his people.

We’ve only just begun, but so far it is very inspiring!
A struggle for most of us. I attempted many times, but never seemed to stick with the endeavor. However, I have finally accomplished the task…but not by reading. I bought an audio Bible, on cd. I spend so much time in the car already that I thought it would make good use of the time.

I have not found a Catholic version in audio format though (in fact a Catholic Answers apologist indicated they are not aware of such a thing either). So I listened to the King James Version, and read the missing books in my Bible. The one I got was The Listeners Bible, narrated by Max McClain. His voice is easy to listen to.

However, I must caution that you need to bear in mind the translation is not always accurate. You need to compare anything that raises a question, to the Catholic Bible, and/or ask a trusted authority (the Apologist Forum on this site?).

This method helped me complete what I had not before. And at least I feel I have a better, more comprehensive, understanding of our salvation history.

Good Luck! 👍
The Revised Standard Version-Catholic Edition (RSV-CE) is available on CD or tape on line from Ignatius Publishing. I don’t know if it is both the NT and OT, but it is at least the NT. The RSV-CE, if you are not familiar with it, has been hailed as one of the most accurate and beautiful translations available and is the one the Vatican uses for all it’s official translations into English.
Try Scott Hahn’s on-line scripture study:

It packs a lot of punch, so don’t try to digest it all in a hurry; read a few paragraphs and absorb before trying to go on, but it’s great!
Try Scott Hahn’s on-line scripture study:
I was just trying that link. It sure is great. I will try to follow the course there on-line.

have you tried attending a catholic bible study? the navarre bible has a great commentary which helps us to understand what we are reading in the bible in light of the church’s teachings. also has online studies for free and others available online for a donation.
God bless!
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