Anglican Usage Liturgy

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Has anyone attended an AU liturgy? I have been to an AU Church and have a dvd of the AU liturgy. It seems as if the AU liturgy is exactly what Vatican II intended for the Novus Ordo!!
Take a look at this website

It’s Our Lady of Atonement in San Antonio, TX,

The Order of Mass is listed there, in both the traditional and modern versions.

They also offer a DVD of the Mass according to the Anglican Use.

(and it’s definitely NOT for iconoclasts 👍 )
I love the Anglican Usage liturgy! I converted to the Catholic Church from the Episcopal Church, and the AU liturgy is nearly the same as the old style Episcopalian service. If there is one thing the Anglicans had (prior to revamping the prayer book in 1978, so that the more bland translations done in the late '60’s could be used), it was the beauty of the English translation of the Mass. Also, I am so inspired by the reverence evident in the parish. And the music is beautiful; not the post-'60’s folk style.

Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church in Houston dedicated a church building recently that should be a model for all new church construction (alas, it probably won’t…). I try to get there as often as possible - unfortunately, the long distance keeps me from attending every week…

If you have the chance, go! I kind of wonder if the CDW had something like this in mind when it published Liturgiam authenticam and Redemptionis Sacramentum


The Anglican Use missal basiclaly amounts to a Novus Ordo in “The kings English”, and yes, it should be the model for the current missal. Sadly there are only a handful of AU parishes in the US, because if more widespread, they could provide a good home for cradle Catholics trying to seek out a reverent mass.
The Anglican Use is truly a blessing. I’ve been to several. 🙂
I have found a nifty way to be closer to a vibrant, beautiful parish that happens to be AU Liturgy. I am moving there. Seen it, been there, couldn’t believe the beauty, God-willing moving there this summer.
I have found a nifty way to be closer to a vibrant, beautiful parish that happens to be AU Liturgy. I am moving there.
Please be aware that these parishes apparently revert to the current Roman liturgy once the pastor leaves. Or so I gathered from another thread where this was discussed.
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