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Hello Again,

There was a time in my life when I desperately needed a new job. I prayed very earnestly and received an answer to that prayer.

So…does anyone here want to share with the others how they pray and any answers or miracles that have come their way as a result of prayer?

Also…it’s sometimes very hard for me to just Let Go and Let God. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Shannin, thank you for sharing. Isn’t is mysterious that some of our prayers are answered in an immediate and dramatic fashion, and others seem to be unanswered? I could tell many stories, but here’s one good one: My teenage son and his friend, budding chemists, were attempting to make a rocket in the back yard, using lye and other chemicals. It blew up in my son’s face and he got boiling lye solution in both eyes. At the emergency room we were told that his eyes were irretrievably burned and there was no hope that he would ever see again. We prayed and prayed! Six weeks later he could see light and shadows, and the doctor said there was no hope of further recovery. We kept praying. Today my son has 20-20 vision in both eyes, and now he is a (real) scientist.
A week after being awakened to the Truth of Catholicism, I started praying that my friend would realize it, too. He was in Chicago taking some journalism classes for the six weeks. When he returned, he surprised me with the information that he had realized that he, too, was a Christian. Of course, he still isn’t perfect, but I didn’t ask God for that! 😃
Hello Again,

So…does anyone here want to share with the others how they pray and any answers or miracles that have come their way as a result of prayer?
I once had a great urge to pray for a friend. And I did. I did not know why, but for the next three days I had his same ‘inspiration’ to pray. A few days later, when I called I, was told that she had had an attach of asthma and had become better then. (It is normally rare for her to have attacks and it was the first time I was coming to know that she actualy was asthmatic.)

That taught me that when one just has a thought of storming heaven for a friend, one should not waste time. It may well be that the one you want to pray for is in need of your prayers at that particular time.
Thank you, John. This is just the kind of response I was looking for. Have you ever noticed that “COINCIDENCES” seem to happen after praying for a certain intention. For example, when I was praying for another job to come my way, the Company I work for hired a new executive OUT OF THE CLEAR BLUE SKY and the approached me to see if I wanted to be assigned to him. I didn’t have to do a thing except pray.
Twice… for jobs

Once about 6 years ago…I had quit my company due to major differences… I was gone for about 7 months… the other job I got didnt work out… I was ready to lose my vehicle… I had prayed to God that if my company called ME back, I would go back, but never would I call them first… 2 days later, I was at my kitchen table when my door bell rang… yep…ya guessed it… the owner of the company sent over an employee to ask me if I was working anywhere and if I would come in for a meeting. :eek:

About 2 years ago, we parted ways again… for good… I had to play hard ball in order to get a severance package, so I KNOW I aint going back again… my package lasted about a year, and in that time I couldnt find anything… I had prayed to Padre Pio to send me a job… 2 days later… yep… I heard about a job in telemarkeing… did it for a year… it gave me an ulcer as well! Had to quit due to stress… I won my unemployment hearing… but after 6 months, I run out next week…havent found NOTHING… I am on the verge in 2 more weeks to lose my vehicle which I owe 2 more years on… I have just completed a 7 month First Friday devotion to the Sacred Heart… I’ve prayed the Rosary, I’ve implored our Lady under the banners of Our Lady of Good Success, Our Lady of Perpetual Help… Our Lady of Good Remedy… I’ve asked saints etc…to help me find a way to solve my dilemma… I havent given up hope, but I think this may be one time that I am gonna lose my vehicle… which in turn will only make it harder (though not impossible) to find work… and right now, I just ask for prayers, and if I do lose my vehicle to realize its just a material thing… though something I paid for 3 years… oh well… say one or two for me will ya guys? :eek: I DO believe in last minute miracles and even if things dont go my way… I will be saddened and angry for awhile…but what can ya do?
Bless you and thank you for your reply. HE sure takes care of all of our needs, doesn’t HE? The problem with me is that sometimes I forget and want things done my way and in my time. Reading these replies gives me strength.

Two particular times come to mind. Each was the result of a novena to St. Joseph. The first time, I was praying for assistance for my wedding, and on the 9th day, before I even said the final prayer, I got a call with a job offer! The income from this job I used to finance my wedding.

The second was exactly one year later. I was praying that St. Joseph would help us find a safe, new home (we’d been burgled twice, right after our wedding). On the 9th day, his feast day, again before I even said the final prayer, I found out I was pregnant! We did move, eventually, 3 weeks before our daughter was born.

In both cases, the answer to the prayer was different from what I originally asked for, but it’s an example of how the Lord’s will is perfect, and if we are willing to accept it, He will shower us with unimaginable blessings.

Oh, and by the way, it wasn’t until after I got that job that I found out St. Joseph was the patron saint of workers!!! He has since become my favorite saint.🙂
I have had so many miraculous answers to prayer I hardly know where to begin, so I’ll give only a couple:

When I was a child, I had a very lazy right eye and I remember going in to my regular appointment and the discussion of “surgery” which I did not understand. I remember being prayed over in conjunction with another little girl who later died of congenital heart disease. (I feel blessed to have been her friend–she was only a year younger than I and I still remember the blue tinge to her skin and her very innocence.) That other little girl and I shared a glance while the adults prayed over us…we both rolled our eyes, but we were both changed by the experience. She went on, I’m sure, committed to Heaven escorted by angels and Our Lady herself into Jesus’s arms, and when I went for my pre-op exam only a few days after the diagnosis, the deformity of my eye had corrected itself. This was un-heard of. My mother was told I would never even so much as stack blocks, and although I wear glasses and have feared my eyesight would prevent me from things I’ve attempted, I have not failed due to that reason EVER.

Secondly: When I was working in a psychiatric hospital for adolescents, I met a teenager, 15, who had suffered abuse in every way a child could. I remember being her one-on-one after having been a crisis team lead when she was acting out in her own desire for self destruction. I sat at her bedside, holding her casted arm, and prayed from the depths of my very soul that she be delivered of the constant nightmares which awakened her each night, causing her to aspire to more self-injurious behavior. I prayed that for even 1 night that she be able to sleep peacefully, and although I hoped to hear of a result of my prayer, I did not officially ask God for that. I wanted this just for her because she had suffered so much and I could only forsee her eventual self-destruction…she was a very badly damaged human being.

I came into work the next day and she greeted me bright eyed and smiling. She told me that for the first time in YEARS she had slept through the entire night and did not even REMEMBER having had a single dream.

I had not said my prayer out loud, but somehow, my words were heard.

Don’t ever tell me God doesn’t hear our prayers.

I believe that K. was later on finally successful in her self destruction (call it a hunch and a deep seated gut feeling) but I still pray for her as I believe the end of her life was not truely her fault but fully lies on the souls of the man/men who caused her to suffer so much on this earth.

K’s gift to me through her short (I believe) time on this planet was to remember that what we see on the outside of humanity is not always the truth, but if we look deeper, God will show us the soul and heart that he can read without having to dig.

I’m sure that’s an answer to someone else’s prayer.

God Bless,

~J.C. Phoenix
My most recent experience came while I was preparing to take my state boards.

I had studied for so long but still worried whether or not I was prepared for it. In the weeks leading up to the final day I kept having my doubts with the Lord. I asked the Blessed Mother, my guardian angel, my patron saints, family and friends to pray for me because I desperately needed it. Problem was though, what if all that wasn’t good enough. I kept hearing thoughts in my head such as, “You won’t pass. These prayers aren’t going to cut it.”

I kept trying to tell myself, “No. Stop thinking that. Anything is possible with Him.” I felt like the devil was working so hard to make me an unbeliever. Every time I had a bad thought I pictured myself sitting with Jesus on his lap while I took a big mallet and crushed the evil spirits that were creeping on us trying to steal me away from Him using these thoughts.

The day before Divine Mercy Sunday I took myself to confession. I needed Jesus to know how sorry I was for doubting His love for me. I needed Him to also know that I was willing to accept whatever result, passing or not passing, that was in store for me. I told Him He is in charge of my life and I know He has a plan for me.

During mass the next morning, at some point, I felt this overwhelming peace come over me and all I kept hearing was, “Everything will be ok.” I thought to myself, “Everything will be ok? Does that mean I’ll pass ‘everything will be ok’ or I can handle it if I don’t 'everything will be ok.” eheheheh
I thought to myself I can handle whatever the Lord has in store for me because He will take care of me no matter what.

The following Wednesday I took my test. I prayed the whole way down. My spirits were crushed after the test because I felt like the world came tumbling down. I was sure I failed. I kept trying to remind myself of what happened in mass but these feelings of failure I was getting were too much. I told the Blessed Mother I needed her help because my faith, or lack thereof, was killing me inside.

To make a long story short, I got my letter of pass or fail two weeks +1 day after Divine Mercy Sunday. The Lord heard our prayers and I passed!
Oh yea, and the Blessed Mother got her dozen roses I promised her if I did pass. 🙂
WOW Angelica,

Thank you so very much for sharing this. Your story strengthens my faith. I know exactly what you mean about those “doubts” we get, even after prayer. I think the best thing we can do when we get those doubts is to take ourselves to confession and then receive the Holy Eucharist.

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