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Generally yes. I think there are many who repeat it in ignorance of its nature, but I agree.

One example of rank insult is at the local college. There is a very popular Catholic professor here and many students have converted (though not by any unseemly deliberate evangelization). Another professor accused him of trying to “Romanize the campus”. 😦

I’ve seen some Catholics make a joke out of it by giving themselves user names like “RomishMinion”. 😃


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I’ve never heard the terms used in a complimentary fashion.
Joe Gloor said:
I’m telling my fellow posters at familyradiolisteners group on Yahoo that the term “Romanist”/“Romanism” is an intentional insult.
Would you agree?

To be roman was/is to be civilized. anything else is just barbaric 😃

You had the Romans and then you had the barbarians. Call me a roman anytime 😉
Thanks for your (name removed by moderator)ut. I have determined to call them on it when they use any derogatory remark about the Catholic Church. After all if we want non-Catholics to respect the Church we need to demand that they use respectful and correct language.
After all if we want non-Catholics to respect the Church we need to demand that they use respectful and correct language.
I agree…although the term Romish sounds delightfully mischieveous somehow… 😃
I am proud to be a Papist minion, ring kissing, Pope loving, knee bending, bead counting, incense burning, candle lighting, statue praying, and Romanist wafer/cracker eater!:tiphat:

Boy, I hope I didn’t forget anything?:confused: My grandmother by marriage loves to call me names too!

See a good protestant sermon here on name-calling, its great! Be careful though, it might offend you if you aren’t proud to be Catholic and can take a few insults: %between%

The “Landover Baptist” website is a parody of Baptist beliefs that most Baptists find offensive. :mad:

I thought that needed to be noted before someone became upset at your link by taking it seriously. :rolleyes:
Actually, I thought that Romanist was such a funny insult, like when I was called a cracker or uther such terms, that I bought the Domain name. Anyone want to start a Catholic Website at
i, for one, would rather not start that website.

what i like to ask people when they exclaim “OH, you’re ROMAN catholic!” is “whats a roman catholic?”

in case we havent all forgotten, we are not the roman catholic church, we are the CATHOLIC church. the term roman refers to the latin rite of the church. thus we are catholics of the roman rite. the term romanist is horribly degrading to us as catholics.
I am a big believer in the power of words being exactly what we give them. Maybe it’s that I am not conditioned to have a negative response to Romanist or Romish church or many of the other anti-Catholic Terms people use, but I do find them to be ridculous as well as the peoplewho often use them in that manner. Tongue in cheek is almost always a good response to the ridiculous.
That site is hilarious! :ROFLMAO:

I love the “Klingons are modelled after Arabs” article! :ROFLMAO:

As Matt16_18 pointed out, it’s a parody, but it is so funny beacuse it is true (in the sense that there ARE people out there who believe that stuff).
From their terms of service page, I guess in case people thought they really believe what they write:

*The Landover Baptist Church is a complete work of fiction. It is a satire/parody. *

Unfortunately, I doubt many people read it.
I wish that was serious! That was just about the funniest thing I have ever read!! :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
It is an insult.

They also use the term to imply that the whole of the Catholic Church is condensed to “Rome.” But actually, with the exception of St. Peter, I don’t know that ANY Catholic doctrine had it’s origin with a Pope.
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