Best examples of error in interpretation

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I have been talking with a couple of Protestant friends, and both (idependently) have made comments against Catholicism to the effect that “God gave you the book, he didn’t need to give you someone to read it for you”. Of course, what they were both saying is that they are able to read and interpret scripture on their own with no need for the the Church’s teaching.

What example(s) can I cite where people are most likely to have multiple interpretations or (even better yet) misinterpretations of scripture. A few powerful examples might really help.

The one that I found astounding was when the former President Clinton said that his pastor told him that abortion was OK because the soul does not enter the body until after birth. The biblical reference he gave for this is Genesis 2:7: " . . .then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being."

The most common issues involve:
  1. divorce and remarriage: Is it allowed…or not? Mt. 5:31,32;19:3-9; Mk 10:2-12; Lk16:18; 1Cor7:11-13
  2. water baptism…necessary or not? - John 3:5
  3. Six days of creation…literal or not? - Gen 1.
  4. Bible alone…or is there more? 1Cor 11:2; 2Thess 2:15; 2Thess.3:16; Jn 21:25;Acts 20:35
  5. Private interpretation…or not? 2Pet 1:20
  6. Assurance of salvation…or not? Mt 7:21; Mt24:13;Rom 11:23;Phil2:12; 1Cor 9:27;1Cor 10:11-12;Gal 5:4;2Tim2:11-13;Heb 6:4-6
  7. “Rapture” … or not…and when (before, during or after the time of tribulation) 1Thess 4:17
Chances are, if you present these Scriptures to separate Protestant friends, they will differ on one or more of their interpretations.
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