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Greetings…I am a recent convert from Atheism and am interested in a good Bible Study program. A friend told me about the “Little Rock Bible Study Program” and I was wondering if this meets with Church approval. Being a new Catholic as well as a Christian, I can easily be led astray.

If you can get a couple of your friends together… the Catholic Exchange Scripture Study would be excellent:

**Website: **

It’s put out by Mark Shea, Scott Hahn, among other well-known great Catholic apologists. Our student group here at the Univ. of Oklahoma (OU Catholics) is going to start this up in the Fall. Hope that helps.
What if you are on your own?

I have tried to find independent study programs in my local religious bookstores, but I have found only a limited number of specific Catholic study programs there.

Just noted the post by cmom- This looks great! Thanks for the link. Can’t wait to start! 👍
For the past few months, I have picked up the monthly issue of God’s Word Today (www.godswordtoday) and followed the monthly reading plan. It sometimes focuses on one Book or part of a book or on related passages (Jerusalem is this months focus).

In one of Catholic Answers Q and A programmes Jimmy Akin said that he had reservations about the Little Rock Bible Study programme. Maybe if you check his site at the Nazareth Resource Library you could find his reasoning.
I had some reservations about the Little Rock program, named for the Little Rock Diocese were it was started, I think. But when I actually did one at my parrish I was surpried to find it pretty good. I prefer the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, but was surprised at how much similar material I found in the Little Rock Gospel of Luke material, which is the only one I have done with Little Rock.
Is it allright if I go a bit off-topic and ask what caused you to convert from atheism?

I’ve recently been having discussions with an athiest - and at times it can seem so futile.

Reading your post gives me hope 🙂
I prefer the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible…
Me too!! 👍
First of all, congratulations! All the angels in heaven rejoice with the conversion of every sinner!

Second, I just got back from attending a conference in St. Paul, and Jeff Cavins talked a little bit about the “Great Adventure” Bible study program he and Scott Hahn have put together. While I have not used it, I was really intrigued with it, and knowing that Cavins and Hahn are faithful to the Church’s teachings, it seems like the perfect study program for someone who is not real familiar with Scripture. I’d look into it.
“Scott Hahn has several free online bible studies available at:

{KCT} They look interesting. Are they permanently on the site, or do the studies vary?

I’m looking for a Bible study for my 16 year old homeschooler. An online study might be great! --KCT
The Great Adventure Bible Timeline study series is great… I actually have not attended one of Jeff Cavin’s own talks on this (crazy since I live in the Twin Cities, his home turf!! :o ) but I have gone through some of it and most of my friends have done the whole program.

It basically goes through Salvation History by using the Bible as a historical document, taking 15 or 16 books out of both Old and New Testament in historical order.

It really helps you to see more clearly the big picture of God’s plan for our Salvation through Jesus Christ!

More info is at

Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch’s new Bible Study using the Ignatius RSV-Catholic Edition Bible is also splendid. In our Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis we are also fortunate to have Fr. John Echert (a professor of Sacred Scripture at our major seminary–also known for his work on EWTN). Fr. Echert uses the Hahn series and travels to parishes around the Twin Cities to lead Bible studies of each book. I was at his recent one on the Gospel of Luke and it was amazing!

You can buy the individual books for the Hahn series at your local Catholic bookstore (curently the Gospels, Acts, and Romans are available I believe) for about $10 each. Eventually, they will complete the entire Catholic Study Bible–pray for their continued work!

This past winter, I attended the Bible Timeline study at the Church of Saint Paul in Ham Lake, Minnesota. If you can get a copy of this study, I highly recommend it. It doesn’t go into great depth in any one book. Instead, it’s an overview of “The Story” as it spans the entire Bible. You’ll learn a lot about the Catholic faith.
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