Bowing to the Tabernacle

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When we approach the altar, we are to bow in reverence of the consecrated Host that is in the Tabernacle…

Once we have done this, say we are in the Church not during Mass, but cleaning or something, do we have to do it every time we walk past altar??
When entering a Catholic church and observing the Sanctuary Lamp is lit, indicating the Presence in the Tabernacle, one should not merely bow, but genuflect.

Threre was a long discussion about this a few days ago, what to bow to, when to bow, when to genuflect, idols, crucifix, etc. I wonder if there is a way to find that discussion and refer you to it, as some people had very detailed explanations. I will try. Not sure how this website works in regards to cross-referencing like that, but you would probably enjoy the thread.
OK, here it is. On May 19, someone called “Angle Girl” started a discussion in the “Liturgy” section entitled “Placement of the Tabernacle”. I don’t know how else to be more specific in directing you to that thread, but some of the people in there discussed your concerns, might be worth looking at…? Thanks.
I just rummaged around and glad I found this. It’s copied this from something called “Genuflecting Do’s and Don’t’s” that I got on email from a religious ed teacher months ago. I cannot verify the source, but harkening back to my distant youth, it sounds like how we did it in the old days. But everything was more respectful back then.
  • We genuflect to the Blessed Sacrament (not to the Crucifix, to Mary or to the altar).
  • It’s only necessary to genuflect when entering and leaving the church, not every single time you go out of the pew.
  • Bend on one knee, the right knee, and it should actually touch the floor, and slightly bow the head.
  • It’s not necessary to make the sign of the Cross, but permissible if customary.
  • If moving about the church for activities, etc, a slight pause before the crucifix or altar, with a bow of the head is respectful. This is not the same as genuflecting, but a way to be attentive to God’s presence and maintain a respectul atmosphere.
  • When the Blessed Sacrament is exposed (Adoration, or as some now call it “Exposition”), we enter the church and genuflect on BOTH knees, and then enter the pew. When leaving, also fully kneel on the ground, bow the head and then rise to leave.
  • Also, some folks come to church now but only stand and bow their head and then sit down. They do not genuflect. Unless age or infirmity prevents genuflection, this is wrong and disrespectful to the Blessed Sacrament.
  • No genuflecting is done if there is no Tabernacle, such as in some Chapels, or on Good Friday when the Tabernacle is empty.
Whew, pretty detailed. Maybe we need Karl Keating to clarify here? Or a knowledgeable religious? Thanks for bringing this up, it’s clearly a very misunderstood issue.
:bowdown: Addressing this I feel old. I have to bow instead of genuflecting because of a bad back. If I were to genuflect especially after 2 or three Masses I would be in such pain I would be unable to sleep that night.

The Rubics call for Deacons to kneel during the epiclesis but I can’t because if I get down I wouldn’t be able to get up without help. 😦

Blessings and Peace,
I just rummaged around and glad I found this. It’s copied this from something called “Genuflecting Do’s and Don’t’s” that I got on email from a religious ed teacher months ago.

Your list is what I was taught as a child in the 1950s, and what I was taught while receiving instruction for the Boy Scout Ad Altare Dei medal in the 1960s. It sounds good to me!
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