Can I Catechize My Son for Confession?

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I want to catechize my 6 1/2 year old son at home for Confession. He does go to our parish school, but we held him back in kindergarten b/c of a severe vision problem that was not detected until the end of last school year. So, he is finishing his 2nd year in Kindergarten and will be in 1st grade next year. He would have been going into the 2nd grade next year and been catechized for first Confession and first Holy Communion at school.

Also, until recently, he had aways gone with me into the Reconciliation Room. Part of the reason was no choice. I didn’t have any childcare. But more importantly, I wanted him to see what Confession was like so he would not be afraid.

Additionally, our priest is a close friend of the family and my son likes him a lot. So it wouldn’t be a priest that barely knows him or our family. The priest would be someone he has know his whole life.

I know I have the ability to catechize him myself. I have a pretty strong grasp on the Faith and the Sacraments, as well as many theology courses completed.

Would this be possible? Is it allowed? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thanks and God bless,
Of course the Catholic parent has the primary responsibility for catechizing their own children. The Church states this over and over in all the documents on the family and on catechesis. The problem comes in when a Pastor feels that he must somehow control this process. When in reality the Pastors role is to simply insure that a child who is not well prepared does not receive the Sacraments until they are ready and that those who are ready do. I would recomend that you speak with your pastor first.
Amy, I am doing just that. My son is 7, we just began homeschooling. He left first grade, but is now doing a second grade curriculum and is more than ready. He is already catechised through out discussions and night prayers. He is ready, our family friend will hear his first confession next week. He is beyond thrilled and excited, and will begin receiving the sacramental graces SOON! :clapping:

How did you handle this with the Parish? I think I may not have to deal with them at all b/c Msgr. is a friend of the family. Msgr. is permament “visiting” priest at our parish. He hears the parish Confessions every other Sat., alternating with our (only) priest.

We could just go, when the time comes and I feel he’s ready, and we just make sure we go on the Sat. Msgr. is hearing confessions.

Next question: can I do this with first Holy Communion too?

Thanks, Amy
Good Show!
It means that you are doing great wanting to prepare you son for first penance. And good advice was given to you.

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