Can you commit the sin of gluttony by praying for your own needs?

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I recently had someone say that praying for one’s own needs can be sinful and the sins of greed and gluttony were mentioned.

This makes no sense to me.
Maybe it has to do with spiritual gluttony? From the Catholic Encyclopedia:

St. John of the Cross, in his work “The Dark Night of the Soul” (I, vi), dissects what he calls spiritual gluttony. He explains that it is the disposition of those who, in prayer and other acts of religion, are always in search of sensible sweetness; they are those who “will feel and taste God, as if he were palpable and accessible to them not only in Communion but in all their other acts of devotion.” This he declares is a very great imperfection and productive of great evils.

Then again, I don’t know if that is really applicable in this case. I don’t know too much about it. 🤷 Maybe someone else can shed more light.
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