Catholic lullabies?

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My kids (3 & 1/2 and 1 yr old) love for me to sing them to sleep. I have no problem with the standard kid’s songs available that are simple, easy to remember, and rhythmic. You know, ‘Old Frog Went A Courtin’, ‘I been working on the railroad’, etc… But I was wondering if there are any ‘Catholic’ songs like this for kids that we can learn, and I can use to begin them hearing the faith even in their children’s songs?

Occasionally I’ll thow a hymn in with the kids stuff, but somehow ‘Faith of Our Fathers’ seems a little heavy for a toddler/infant. 😉
I used to sing my babies to sleep with ‘You are Near’. It was good for me too (especially at 2AM 😉 )

My wife is a convert and I realized how many more songs she knows compared to me (a cradle Catholic)! We have picked up several Christian tapes and CDs for the car and I have been learning many new songs along with our children (4, 2 and 10 months). We listen in the car often and it is a nice break from Sesame Street and traditional nursery rhymes. I haven’t found many Catholic tapes yet, though.

PS - I’m in PGH as well and haven’t found many good traditional tapes/cds for kids OR adults at Kirners or TJ Merhauts. If you do fond some, please pass the info along!
OK, Got some more info (pointed here by someone else on the forum):

**Tiny Hands, Precious Feet
A delightful collection of traditional lullabies, along with inspiring original works celebrating our Catholic faith. Featuring 12 charming and original songs, from Braham’s Lullaby to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The gentle vocals of Rose Marie Rudolph and her sons make this perfect for mothers to share with their children. Also includes an additional 12 instrumental tracks for mothers to sing to their babies.
The Christian a-capella group Take 6 has a “Lullaby” on their 1995 CD “Join the Band.” The song is simple, but quite moving in 6-part harmony, and it can be played on repeat until the child falls asleep, without driving you crazy.

Lullaby (Alvin Chea / Ivan Lims)

Go to sleep my darling child
And dream awhile the sandman comes
Fold your hands no need to fear
Just say this prayer the day is done

Oh Lord, keep us in your arms
Protect from all harm near us please stay
And dear Lord please give us new hearts
Grand a brand new start bless us we pray
Jennifer J:
Michael Card has at least one lullaby tape out, while not Catholic, it’s well done and I don’t remember anything contary to the faith. I know Michael Card has teamed with John Michael Talbot in the past.
Here’s a link with listening examples

When I’m personally singing, I like Sing of Mary and most Marian hymns.
Sleep sound in Jesus - it’s beautiful, I play it often with my son. I’t out of print, but you can find used copies. I highly recommend it!
Thanks for all the AWESOME suggestions so far. please keep 'em coming. :dancing:
Not exclusively Catholic, but one of of my favorites for use as a lullaby is Amazing Grace. :yawn: :sleep:
Sleep sound in Jesus - it’s beautiful, I play it often with my son. I’t out of print, but you can find used copies. I highly recommend it!
:confused: Umm, it’s not out of print, you can order it new from Amazon at the previous link (you can order it used, too) . It is a great album. 👍

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