Catholics and Sports

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I am a runner, I have run 3 marathons and 2 half marathons, my bests are 3:07 for the marathon and 1:38 for the half. I ran Cross Country for 6 years both middle, and high school and one in College. Also track for 5 years. Ultimate Frisbee is my passion right now, along with racketball.
Bowling. Simply because my children enjoy it also and has become a family event.
I take morning walks about 3.5 miles a day (just around the block)!
I would have put bowling but I havent’t bowled in over 10 years.
I’ll take walking for right now…gotta shed those extra pounds! :eek:

Go with God!
I took up mountain biking last fall and am enjoying it. We’re blessed to have many fine areas to ride near San Diego. Yesterday I spent several hours biking in the mountains about an hour’s drive from home.

During the summer I do a lot of backpacking. Next month I’ll be leading a group of 15 friends of Catholic Answers along the Cottonwood Lakes trail in the Sierra Nevada. We’ll be out four days and at altitudes up to 12,300 feet.

In August I’ll do a one-day hike of Mt. Whitney. Last year I did a three-day circumambulation of it.

After that I may try to combine the two sports: White Mountain is California’s third-highest peak, only about 250 feet shorter than Mt. Whitney, and some people have biked up it. I hiked it three years ago, found it very strenuous (it’s hard to breathe at 14,000 feet), but am intrigued about using a wheeled conveyance this time. If I do use my bike, I’ll fit it with racks and panniers to carry what otherwise would go in a backpack, and I’ll aim to spend the night on the summit.
What about hockey eh? 🙂
Actually I’ve never played hockey but I am from Canada. I have taken up running. A friend concerned about my weight said that I should think about being fit if I want to be able to serve our Lord and take care of my family, so I took up running a few months ago and ran my first 5k last weekend. When I started I couldn’t run around the block.
Of the choices listed, it would have to be bowling. But I actually am now into fencing (foil). I’ve been doing that for a little over 2 years now, and it’s a lot of fun. Touché! 👍
You missed the greatest of all sports…


Nothing else even comes close.
You missed the greatest of all sports…


Nothing else even comes close.
As a fan, I quite agree. But I’m not really a participant anymore. :rolleyes:
Synchronized skating–the most beautiful of all the figure skating disciplines!

Hopefully an Olympic Sport in Vancouver 2010!

If you haven’t seen it, go find it!
I’m not really into sports…I played alot of softball as a kid…NEVER liked hardball. Only followed basketball when Jordan played for the Bulls…briefly followed Phil Jackson with the Lakers, but I dont like Shaq or Kobe so I stopped watching them… Boxing is my favorite sport, heavyweight and midddleweight. I’m a movie and music buff… thats where I get my personal fullfillment as far as entertainment goes. But I do:

Like to bowl.

Like to watch the Olympic gymnists and figure skaters.

If you came over to my house, you’d find either a movie or a concert playing in my dvd machine, before you’d see a baseball, hockey, basketball or football game on… and NEVER would GOLF be found on! 😃
I picked sports that people would actually DO.

You don’t play BASEBALL, you play softball while drinking beer.

Thats why I put company softball.
Camping and anything outdoors
I choose basketball over football because in basketball it’s a bit easier to get involved in every play, and I find the matchups more challenging in basketball. I also like to run (having an mp3 player is a savior) and also have done alot of bowling. Highest game 202. I would love to play baseball, but it takes so many people to play.
I actually have a question relevant to this subject.

My family and I are avid hikers. Right now we just do day hikes with our 1 year old son (in case you read this Karl, his first name is Keating which is a family name on my side of which I am obviously proud of) and a 3 year old daughter.

Now for my question. I am thinking about getting into backpacking at some point and while contemplating this, a question came to my mind. If I had planned a 2 or 3 week backpacking trip I am unsure how I would handle my Sunday Mass obligation. Obviously Catholics have gone on such backpacking trips in the past, so I was wondering how this situation was handled. Are we prevented on going on such a trip unless we bring along a priest? Is it more that we have to make sure that we are always close enough to civilization on Sunday to be able to make it to a Church? Since this would be a voluntary trip, it obviously wouldn’t merit seriousness to miss Mass, but I just want to know how avid backpackers have delt with this in the past.

Whew! At least you didn’t name your son after me. You might have cause to regret that some day.

As for backpacking, first you try to arrange your schedule to minimize missing Mass. Next month’s Catholic Answers hike in the Sierra Nevada was done just that way. We’ll be on the trail from Tuesday through Friday, giving participants plenty of time before and after to get to Mass, even if they have to drive a full day to get to the trailhead.

In other cases you can go off trail to find a Mass. This is easier in the eastern U.S. than in the western. The Appalachian Trail, for example, frequently passes through or near towns. It would not be possible to get to Mass, though, if you were hiking the 211-mile John Muir Trail, which goes from Yosemite to Mt. Whitney. Nowhere along its route is there a town, and the nearest off-route towns are not near at all.

So does this mean Catholics are excluded from such hikes, including the one you are planning? Not according to any theologian that I have come across. There are exceptions, as you know, to the Sunday obligation–illness, of course, and job duties (for policemen and the like) and even just considerable inconvenience. Many theologians, when asked “How inconvenient is inconvenient?”, say that those who must travel more than an hour to get to Mass are excused from attendance.

Let’s say you live in a rural area. The church in your town no longer has a resident priest. A priest comes once a month to celebrate Mass there. The next closest parish is two hours’ drive away. Are you obligated to go that far three Sundays a month? No. Are you then obligated to move so you’d be within reasonable driving distance of that other parish? Again, no.

It’s somewhat the same with travel, including backpacking. You are expected to make reasonable arrangements, but you are not expected to do what the Church does not demand. (If you can get a priest to go with you, that’s great, but how many can do that?)

Would it be all right to give up living in a rural area where there no longer is a regular Mass? Sure. Would it be okay never to go on a trip that puts you out of range of a Mass? Sure. But neither is required of you by the Church.
Thank you so much for your reply Karl. The issue came to mind and I really didnt know what to make of it. Maybe someday I might be able to join a future Catholic Answers hike 🙂 ,

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