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this site is sponsored by our friends at Planned Parenthood… I don’t have any teenagers yet, but i’m pretty sure I don’t want my teen to visit great sites like this.
It seems that they want you to be a teen to participate in their discussions. What are they trying to hide from the parents and adults, I wonder? I know this is probably a sin (venial, I hope), but I’m registering on this site and trying to pour some correct moral thinking into these teens.
****! It seems that they screen every post before they let anyone see it! Mine was really long…as usual, I guess. I hope they post it. I guess we’ll see what kind of comments they are and aren’t allowing here.
it’s still crazy. it is disgusting to see that that site is geared at 13-17 year olds… i don’t like the message that casual sex is the way to go and if you get pregnant, we’re here to take care of that. it’s almost as disgusting as the planned parenthood site with the link to tell your story of how your life is better thanks to your aborting the unwanted pregnancy…
I just watched one of their videos that was “based” on a true story about a girl having an abortion. It was about how it is a crime in some other country to have an abortion and about all the women that are in jail because of it. Of course it went on to try and justify legalizing abortion WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT in all states…Just…so…AARRRGGHHH!

And on their (screened) discussion boards…just the way of thinking these kids have. You’re right, they’re all just so casual about it! Its terrible! They don’t value themselves at all!

I would blame the parents, but its these organizations that are to blame here! They are the ones giving the kids a way AROUND their parents. The parents DON’T EVEN HAVE A CHANCE to do whats right for their kids!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t engaging in sexual activity before the age of consent ILLEGAL? Just the same way drinking alcohol before age 21 is illegal? So why is it that these people can legally tell these kids to have sex and abortions and take potentially deadly pills AND help provide the means for them to do it?!?
I think in most states the legal age of sexual consent is 16 years old. Still too young to get an abortion, as most states consider a child a minor until the age of 18.

Outragous that these individuals believe they are empowering young people to make logical and ethical decisions by delivering this type of information.
The site promotes everything the church is against. What a waste.

There’s even an article of a teenage single mom lamenting the woes of raising a child. Any teen reading it would pick up “the message”.
I wrote a little letter to Here goes. My sign-in name at is Catholic.

I am Catholic (obviously). I think that sex is one of the greatest gifts that God gave us. I think the way that this website (and Planned Parenthood altogether) portrays sex as simply a pleasurable thing that should be used (more like abused) for one’s own personal pleasure is misguided, and what’s more, inspired by Satan. Yes, I just said that what you have on this website is evil. That does not mean that any one person that supports Planned Parenthood is evil (for we are all sinners), but it does mean that you have not been taught the Truth. I know what you are saying “He’s a stuck up Catholic who was told to pen up his sexuality until he is married or he is going straight to hell.” And really, that isn’t true. I long for the day when I will have sex with my wife (for I am single now) and love her as Christ loves His Church. Abstinence is not the way to go, but rather chastity. Purity of heart, mind, and soul, to love as Christ loves, to give up oneself for the other. Sex is glorious, in fact we glimpsed heaven everytime we climax. Sex is not meant to be abused as a masturbatory impulse to get what we want from the other, but to give our bodies.

It all comes down to this: Truth is not relative. As Pontius Pilate said “What is Truth?”, He has revealed himself to us in Jesus Christ. You have the choice not to believe, for free will is a great gift from God. Know that, though, you are drinking poison from the well of the Devil, and if you do not repent, your soul cannot be saved. As a Catholic (and a sinner myself) I love you and pray for you all the days of my life on Earth. I hope God will guide you in your future endeavors, and bring you back into the light of His love.
This site is awful, and makes light of the subject matter which it talks about (not to mention being totally wrong in what it is promoting). I pray that it doesn’t become a popular site!
I have declared war on this website, and they will be shown Christ’s love wether they want to or not. I registered with the name ImCatholic and will be sending them lots of nice e-mails. CHARGE!
It’s sick. Planned Parenthood puts something together that’s so wrong, so sick, so twisted and torn away from what God wants for us, and most of the population either doesn’t care, doesn’t know, doesn’t bother educating themselves (I was talking about this with a co-worker today, and he was said “I thought planned parenthood was family planning.” I told him, "No, dude… That’s the abortion mill.)

Planned parenthood is evil evil evil. Their goal is to promote casual sex, any sex is good sex, take the pill, and if you have any of those unwanted pregnancies, we’ll take care of them… We have to fight this fight in every area we can.

Imagine if all of us who go to church were to ALL become involved in this battle. Sure, it’s easy to participate in the mass, and then go home and not do anything. Week after week, not standing up against this. (Believe me, I fall into this category, i’m not finger pointing here) There has got to be something more we can do. We should all be e-mailing, calling, and bogging down their resources. We should all be going out and praying the rosary in front of the abortion mills. (could you imagine that sight?) We gotta do something MORE. Now that our secular judges seem like they have to interpret laws the way they see is best, the partial birth abortion ban law has been deemed unconstitutional… That’s a loss in this battle. we have to fight.

I’m done with my rant, and I too will be sending this site some e-mails… 🙂

(BTW… I was Burt Bacharach before I got deleted… 🙂 Seems that I didn’t notice the part of the rules where you can’t use people’s names… Now i’m an anime character 🙂 )
Today’s visitor at the website is tomorrow’s customer at a “clinic” for contraception, STD treatment, and abortion.

Make no mistake, this is not about ideology-- it’s about profits. It’s all about generating revenue folks.
:bigyikes: Good grief! I’m a teen, and I wouldn’t want to see this kind of site? What on Earth are they trying to prove? That society is finally accepting of immoral acts!? Teens should be visiting websites about their favorite music groups…not sites that say “It is perfectly healthy!” Yeah, it’s like how sticking forks in your eyes MIGHT not kill you, but you still wouldn’t want to do it!
Good grief!
Is it really necessary to display diagrams of male and female genitalia? These kids probably don’t need diagrams anyway. What’s the point?

Planned Parenthood just opened up a clinic a few blocks from our church, and we’re starting up a Respect Life committee in response. We’ll be praying the Rosary in front of the place, and so on. But the administrators tell us we have to move carefully so as not to alienate the parishioners.
This is a bummer.
I wonder why the guy who started this post was banned… certainly this thread wasn’t that bad? and he sounded enthusiastic on his other posts… That is a terrible site and they need to be stopped.
Sad, that site pretty much is what OCPS teaches as “sex ed” in the 6th grade. That was a while ago too, from others accounts I have heard other districts perverting kid’s minds at first grade and under too.

Then they, the so called “experts” wonder why divorce is up, more aids casses, etc. Hello??? It’s called respect for marraige and abstinence.
Tyler Smedley:
I wonder why the guy who started this post was banned… certainly this thread wasn’t that bad? and he sounded enthusiastic on his other posts… That is a terrible site and they need to be stopped.
You can’t use a real person’s name as your screen name. The guy is still running around these forums under the screen name Uzumaki Naruto.
Tyler Smedley:
I wonder why the guy who started this post was banned… certainly this thread wasn’t that bad? and he sounded enthusiastic on his other posts…
Yep. I wasn’t paying attention when i created my account. I am now Uzumaki Naruto 🙂
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