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I was raised Catholic but was married by a Methodost minister and later divorced. I then married great girl who is also divorced. She was married by a Methodest minister also. I am having tremendos feelings of wanting to get right with the Catholic Church. What do I have to do? I am specifically talking about receiving Communion. I have been attending Mass regularly and reading the Bible. My wife does not seem interested in coverting at this time. How can I proceed?
Dear Latchie,

Since you as a Catholic married outside of the Catholic Church, the Church does not recognize such a marriage as valid. Your second marriage outside of the Church would not be considered valid either—unless you have formally renounced your membership in the Catholic Church and formally embraced another church.

If your wife is a Protestant and was married in the Methodist church, her marriage as a Protestant would ordinarily be considered valid by the Catholic Church. However, there may have been circumstances at the time of her wedding that could warrant an annulment. You need to see a priest about this.

I rejoice with you in your desire to come home. But until you are able to get your marriage situation settled, the only way you may receive Holy Communion in the Catholic Church is go to confession and then live as brother and sister with your wife until the time when you may be able to have your current marriage convalidated (blessed) by the Catholic Church.

You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.
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