Daily Meditation - Ash Wednesday 6th. Feb 2008 - LENT.....ABOUT WHAT GOD WANTS TO DO IN US

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Further Reflection

No one can deny that we do a lot of good things on Ash Wednesday. We receive ashes on our foreheads as a sign of conversion. We begin a fast of some sort, whether it is from unhealthy foods, television, or other habits that may drag us down spiritually. We also try to add some good habits, such as praying more regularly or giving more of our time and resources to the poor. But Lent isn’t only about what we do. It’s also—and more importantly—about what God wants to do.

Through the prophet Joel, God invites us: “Rend your hearts, not your garments.” What he is really saying is, “not just your garments.” It’s not that God isn’t pleased with our sacrifices. It’s just that he wants them to come from an open heart. He knows that

it’s our hearts that define us, not the “garments” that other people can see.
Surely rending our hearts is no easy task. It means opening ourselves to God’s gaze and being humble enough to admit we need to change—even if we are more comfortable leaving things as they are! It means turning away from darkness and moving toward God. Sure, it’s hard, but could there possibly be a better deal? After all, when we surrender to the Lord, we free him to fill us with his love, healing, and mercy.
As you begin Lent, try to see it for the great privilege it is. It’s a time of renewal that can change your life.
It’s a time when you can come to know Jesus better. Every prayer and every act of sacrifice you perform helps prepare you to live with him forever.
So enter this special season
with your whole heart.
For if you do,
you will truly find the Lord (Jeremiah 29:13).
**“Lord Jesus, ****
I surrender this season of Lent to you.

**Fill me with your presence, and help me to embrace ****
**your calling with joy. **
**Thank you for your faithful love, **
and for the grace you give me
even when I can’t see it!”
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