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Hi All,
I am a first time poster. Anyone that could give me suggestions on how to increase devotions to Padre Pio in thanksgiving for his intersession in my life would be appreciated. I am thinking more one on one than joining an group or something. Thanks in advance.
Hi! Welcome to the site…I actually joined just over a week ago and I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve already learned!

Anyway, I’m right there with you with your question. I did find a book at Borders last weekend which had words of wisdom from Padre Pio, like a yearly devotional…with no calender date to start it. I wish I could remember the name, but I didnt’ buy it…and should have.

My family has a special connection to St. Padre Pio. My great-uncle was a friend of his and was instrumental in bringing St. Pio here to the U.S back in the 60’s (I think). My Mom recently showed me a letter written by Padre Pio’s assistant to my Uncle, offering prayers for my Great Aunt Ramona as she was very ill at the time. The letter also discussed how busy the Padre was and he wished he had time to answer all the mail personally, but was sure to get a response out to my Uncle as he was such a long time friend. By the tone of the letter I gather the woman who wrote it also knew my uncle and aunt personally.

Anyway, I also found a letter recently from that uncle (who passed away a few years ago) and it stated that he had added my brother and I to Padre Pio’s “spiritual family” years and years before…such as at our births.

It’s kind of amazing to realize that my family has such a connection to a wonderful saint, and I feel very blessed…and I hope to learn more about St. Pio in order to feel closer to him and accept him as my Patron as he accepted me as his “spiritual child” so long ago.

I’m actually kind of overwhelmed right now, thinking about this. Great thread! I’ll follow and see what other people post in response to your question!
This website provides a few great devotions geared towards Padre Pio. He’s one of my favorites too!
Josh Miller said:
This website provides a few great devotions geared towards Padre Pio. He’s one of my favorites too!

Thank you so much for sharing this site. I have been looking for St. Pio’s “Stay With Me Lord” prayer for some time now. I am sure this site is going to be a great tool in my devotion.
God bless!
Thank you for posting that website!

I just checked it out myself and added it to my favorites immediately!

I also found a good site. Go to, and you will find a section for prayers and devotions…seriously, look all over the site as it has SO much info!

Anyway, click on the devotions and it will take you to several…click on the Padre Pio and it gives you a single quote of his!
I also found a good site. Go to,
Yeah EWTN haves a good web site as well,

"Each and everyine of you can say Padre Pio is mine." St. Pio
Praise God!

St. Pio helped me get to confession this morning! He is indeed still engaged in his work in the confessional!

(This may not sound like a big deal to all of you…but it’s a HUGE blessing to me.) Wow.
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