Do Prodestants celebrate Lent?

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Do Prodestants celebrate Lent, or is it only Catholics? I’m curious because I’ve never heard a Prodestant talking about Lent. Do they celebrate pancake Tuesday, Ash Wednesday,and Holy Week the way we do?And do they observe the 6 weeks of Lent?
My church celebrates Lent although maybe not in the same way as the Catholic Church. We recognize Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and have special evening services each day of Holy Week.
The Lutheran Church “celebrates” Lent. While not sure, I suspect our practices for this season are at least similar to that of the Catholic Church. Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, etc. And our calendar is the same as Rome’s.
I do but I’m the only one at my church, for lent services I go visit the Eposocipal church.

I am seen as unusual at teh assembly of God, but no one has ever said they have a problem with me doing it.
I know lot of Lutherns who celebrate Lent and fast from meat on Fridays.
Over here in Britain the Anglican church observes Lent. My mum’s church even does the Stations of the Cross (they have paintings which they bring out specially).
Even secular people will talk about “giving stuff up for Lent” and Shrove Tuesday has mutated into a national “pancake day” It is an old tradition to have pancake races. A lot less colourful than Mardi Gras!
Missouri Synod Lutherans observe Lent.

Back in the early 70’s, during my brief departure from the Church, one of my job functions was to edit Lenten devotional booklets that were offered for free on The Lutheran Hour radio program.

We also produced Advent devotions.
It seems like the mainstream denominations are more likely to do so than the evangelicals or fundamentalists. The protestants that I know that do observe Lent in some form seem to get something of spiritual value out of it.
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