Endometrial Biopsy?

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Has anyone had this done? I have to go in for this on Friday and am feeling a little scared. My doctor said they will dilate my cervix and scrape my uterus. This is not sound like fun at all. I’m just sort of hoping that maybe someone will say it is not that bad. Although I guess if it is that bad, I would rather know, just so I can prepare myself.
It sounds like a D&C (dilation and cutterage), which isn’t so bad. I had one after a miscarriage about nine years ago. The procedure is the same, but the intent is different, is all. You will likely be put under while they do it. I wasn’t under general anaesthesia, but something else (can’t remember what exactly, but it put me out) while the procedure was done. If you have gone through labour and childbirth, it won’t seem like a big deal.

Good luck…hope the results are what you want to hear.
An endometrial biopsy is not the same as a D&C. It’s not painful but is somewhat uncomfortable and crampy. (At least it was for me.) Check with your doctor about taking some ibuprofen beforehand.

This link may be helpful.
It was uncomfortable but manageable. Definitely take some Motrin before hand. Your doctor will give you those instructions. Also, be prepared for some bleeding afterwards. In my case it was quite light and then came on later that day like a heavy period. In any case, I would bring along a pad. I was wide awake for mine.

I would also recommend having someone with you who can drive you home afterwards. It’s not that the pain is that bad or anything, but you may just not feel your utmost best, and it’s better to plan these things in advance.
I just had one done last week. It was uncomfortable, cramping during the procedure and bleeding afterward. The Dr. suggested I take Motrin 1 hr before to reduce the pain during the procedure.
Thanks for the information. My doctor never mentioned taking anything for the pain in advance, so I appreciate that.
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