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It is my belief that all Catholic Churches in all the several rites that follow the lead of the Pope as the Vicar of Christ and the Orthodox with valid succession from the Apostles are the only ones with a valid Holy Eucharist, the true Body and Blood of Christ when under the appearances of bread and wine after consecration by an ordained minister.
What is the nature of Episcopalan Eucharist?
What is the truth about their Sacraments , except Baptism and Matrimony?
Recently, I attended two funerals in Episcopalian churches and both times was a guest singer in their choirs. At Communion I went forward, but only requested and received a blessing. Actually, it was a bit interesting … they still use the Communion Rails as we once did.
I think I know the answer, but it is like walking on eggshells trying to maintain polite relationships with folks in the Episcopal/Anglican Religion when the subject comes up.
The priest at one church, knowing that I was Catholic, when alerted that I’d only receive a blessing told me that in his church all are welcome to receive.
I replied that since our two churches were not in communion, receiving communion would be as if telling a lie.
The question may be when did Apostolic Succession cease in the Church of England?
The short version is that their eucharist is not valid because they do not have validly ordained priests to confect it. Of course, they started out with catholic bishops and priests, but some time in the late 1500s the Church of England radically changed the rite of ordination to reflect their view that the mass is not a sacrifice, and since then their clergy have not been properly ordained and they have not participated in the true apostolic succession. Recognizing this, some Anglican clergy have sought ordination from Orthodox clergy, and they eucharist those priests confect is valid but it would still be illicit for us to receive it.
arnulf said:

ome Anglican clergy have sought ordination from Orthodox clergy, and they eucharist those priests confect is valid but it would still be illicit for us to receive it.

Thank you, but your answer does not remove the eggshells; it only makes me barefoot. Indeed, I know such a former Episcopalian priest who is now Antiochian Orthodox. Where I live there are two Orthodox Churches and they share a single parking lot…Yes, and The Greek Orthodox is East of the Antiochan, Western Rite Church.
I suggest you look at a much longer thread called “The Episcapol Church and the Eucharist” (yes - there’s a misspelling, but that’s the name of the thread) found in “Non-Catholic Religions” forum. It has everything you’d eventually find here. No need re-inventing the wheel 😃

I included there some information about what to Anglicans/Episcopalians BELIEVE about the Eucharist based on their prayers. THere is lots of information and discussion about it on that thread. By going there, you won’t have to elicit folks typing all the thousands of words they already typed there 👍

Hope you find it helpful.
Matt, it has already been suggested that you check out the other thread by almost the same name. I just want to comment that “blessing in lieu of Communion” is contrary to Catholic directives and it is improper and, in fact, illegal, when done in the Catholic Church. I can’t imagine why a Catholic would want a blessing from an Episcopal priest. See ya on the other thread. The history of the Anglican loss of validity in their Holy Orders is documented there.

Peace, Jay
I’d just found the thread suggested before returning here to see if this thread had been deleted, which now should be. While I may be traced to the other Thread, you will not see me as all the replies have been made and answered that satisfies my curiosity.
BTW, you guys sure make it easy to be humble.🙂
Thank you, all, for replying to my redundant Thread.
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