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My wife and I were watching one of the EWTN Masses, and she was wondering exactly which parts are in Latin and which parts are in English, and how the parts to be done in Latin are chosen. I couldn’t answer the question, so I’m passing it on. Also, is this really a TLM or a NOM with parts done in Latin.

(Love the Latin, by the way, as long as it isn’t done with an Alabama accent.)

My understanding is that it is a Latin Novus Ordo. I attend one (at a parish run by Dominicans). The parts in Latin are usually everything except the readings and the Homily. (Although sometimes we say the creed in English as well). So, I think there is some flexibility in how much Latin is used.
EWTN does the current Mass, using Latin for segments of it.

There is flexibility in how much or little Latin is used, some places do everything in Latin but the homily, others only do small bits.

I haven’t seen an EWTN Mass in awhile, but I think the parts that they do in Latin include the:
  • Introduction to Mass
  • Penitential Rite (Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy) If they do the Confiteor ("I confess to almighty God…) as part of the penitential rite, I think that is in English.
  • Introduction/closing of the reading and gospel (“Dominus vobiscum” the word of God… etc) the people then intone the response in Latin as well.
  • "Our Father" (Pater Noster)
  • Lamb of God (Agnus Dei)
  • Dismissal from Mass
I think the preface/Eucharistic Prayer is in English, except possibly for the “Mystery of Faith” response (Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again)… but that could be Englsh too.

I haven’t seen their Sunday Mass, but I would assume that the Gloria would also be done in Latin then.

Basically, the unchanging parts of the Mass are said in Latin. The changable parts, either due to the day (memorial, feastday, Sunday, weekday) or due to the fact that there are numerous prayers for the priest to choose from, are all said in English.

Thus, the opening/closing prayers, the readings/gospel, the intercessions, and the Eucharistic Prayer are all (I think) in English.

Hope this helps! 🙂


DaveBj said:
“Any small community needs only one church. As concerns that church’s denomination, no denomination born in schism should be eligible. How many denominations does that leave? You have one guess.”

I love the quote Dave. Who said it?

Are we only talking about the Sunday Mass on EWTN? I haven’t seen one of those yet but have watched daily Mass a few times and I can’t recall any Latin used at all.

I love the quote Dave. Who said it?

Actually, I made it up.

Thanks, everyone, for your responses.

Best NOM mass I’ve ever heard are the EWTN ones. I wish all liturgists would watch and take notes.

Or better yet just get rid of liturgists, unlike terrorists you can’t negotiate with them and their novelties.

I saw someone ask so I’ll answer on the daily masses they use Latin in the responses; after the Epsitle and Gospel readings. And maybe elsewhere.
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