Examples of Tradition?

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I understand capital T Tradition just fine, but I’m always hamstrung when I try to explain what some of those are. I can make a case, I suppose, but I’d like some concrete examples. Are we talking about Mary’s Assumption into Heaven, Christmas celebrations, what? Purgatory?

So, what are some examples of Tradition?

The Bible

The Assumption of Mary

Male priesthood

The thing is, a lot of Apostolic Tradition has made its way into the Bible, such as Purgatory, the Trinity, etc.

The litte t tradition is eating meat on Fridays, priests not marrying, fasting before Communion. These things can be changed without affecting the Faith.
So, what are some examples of Tradition?
If you’re dealing with an Evangelical, explain how the Bible is Tradition (i.e. that which is handed over to us). The Tradition that the “Gospel According to Matthew” is inspired by God is a good place to start.
Examples of Tradition:

Which interpretation of the Scriptures is correct.

The Canon of NT and OT scripture, including which translations are correct.

Items listed in Mark Shea’s book
like Polygamy being forbidden, Abortion being prohibited, the Trinity.
I think its somewhat inaccurate to refer to “Sacred Tradition” and “Sacred Scripture” as two different things, one written, one oral.

The entire apostolic deposit of faith, as it has been passed down and lives in the Church, can be called “Holy Tradition.” A bulk of the Tradition was written, and is what we call Scripture. But alongside Scripture is the Church’s understanding and lived application of Tradition, which we can call “Oral Tradition.”

I don’t think there is any one article of the Catholic faith that is found exclusively in “oral” or “written” Tradition. Everything the Church teaches is in her “oral Tradition,” and is at least implicit in the Bible.
I would also say the Trinity.

While we can see in Scripture the Blessed Trinity, it is not explicitly taught. It’s implied.

Our understanding of the Three Persons in the Trinity and their relationship to one another comes from Tradition.
If you’re trying to explain Tradition to a non-Catholic, probably the best example is the Bible itself. Nowhere does the Bible state what books are to be included in it, or which are inspired. That was a part of unwrittenTradition–the canon and authenticity of scriptures being guaranteed by the Catholic Church.

I think the best example of Sacred Tradition is the liturgy itself. The mass has been handed down in roughly the same format and with the same prayers since the first century.
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