Ezra and Nehemiah

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I am taking the Denver Bible study and we are studying Ezra and Nehemiah. Our instructors who is well versed in the Bible is of the option that Ezra and Nehemiah were contemporaries. Whereas two of the text books that we use, one being “The Collegeville Commentary” and the other being “Reading the Old Testament” by Lawrence Boadt take the opposite view. Their view is that later when the books were being put together that to make a better point of what was being said. The Scribes put them together in time. Knowing that Archeology and other studies keep marching on from the printing date of these sources, does anyone have any more (name removed by moderator)ut to this questions from later research?
My instructor just discussed the matter and is of the opinion that the matter is undecided
if you are looking for the baylonian story in sequence, read
ezra ch. 1–6, nehemia ch. 1–7, 11--------13
ezra ch. 7—10, nehemia ch. 8—10
also haggai, zecharia 1–8
malachi,obadiah, & joel
I don’t know whether this will help you. regards
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