Faith produces good works

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Can you explain to me how Faith produces good works? I may have faith in Jesus, I trust that he can do everything for me and to change me, but I see myself doing bad things all the time. There is no doubt that if someone forces me to renounce Jesus, I would accept death rather than to lose my faith. So I don’t think my faith is weak. Again my question is how Faith produces good works, if not what come from my will ?
Faith is a virtue. It makes it possible for us to know God and all that he has revealed. He reveals himself in many was, including through sacred Scripture.

Scripture is full of God’s revelation to us. Within the pages of Scripture are countless instructions of what works we are to perform, but they can be summed up in the following: love God and love neighbor.

So faith in God causes us to respond in obedience to what he commands and trust in all that he promises.

Aside from doing what God wants because of who he is, faith in Christ motivates us to do what he wants because of what he has done for us. The more we meditate on the cross, the less we will intentionally disobey him, realizing that every intentional disobedience caused him greater suffering on the cross.

Contrary to what you may think, you need to strengthen your will by being obedient in the small things If you ever hope to be obedient in the bigger things.
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