Fasting... not on sunday? Why on wednesday (pt2)

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Do you not fast on sundays during lent? I am readin about what one is supposed to do and the article says you do not fast on sundays, your fast is broken for that day of the week. (i was going to fast fridays and sunday, but i guess sundays out of the question)

and my 2nd question is why do catholics and orthodox fast on wednesdays? (friday i can see to commerate Jesus death, but why wednesday)

p.s. is alcohol only prohibited during fast days or all of lent?
Every Sunday is a Solemnity, the highest class of Feast Day–each Sunday is like a mini-Easter–and Solemnities are days of feasting and celebration, not penance 👍

I’m not sure about the reason Wednesdays though…
I think Wednesdays came from the tradition that Jews fasted on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Early Christians already fasted on Fridays (for obvious reasons), and to further distinguish themselves from their Jewish roots, they choose to fast on Wednesdays (instead of Tuesdays) as well.

If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will let me know.

In the Resurrection Sisters’ convent they abstain all year round on Fridays and Wednesdays. They told me that Wednesday abstainance was in honor of Our Lady.
I asked in the eastern forum and i was told Wednesday commemorates the betrayal of Christ by Judas

p.s. another quesiton just came up in my head… when we fast on the days outside of requirement, i.e. for personal spirtual growth, are they also days of absintence? or is that our own judgement

And what about the alcohol component of lent
And what about the alcohol component of lent
It’s up to your discretion.

And since many of the faithful will go Mass on Ash Wednesday, which one of the two days of fasting required during the liturgical year, and many parishes offer Eucharist under both forms, I don’t see why you think there’s a restriction on alcohol at all?
P.S. Found this on a google search. It’s unsourced, but reaffirms a lot of what we’ve been guessing:
During the first century, Jews use to fast on Mondays and Thursdays. All the initial Christians were Jewish and were regular to fasting. They shifted their fasts from Monday and Thursday to Wednesday and Fridays because Judas planned Jesus’ arrest on Wednesday and Jesus was crucified on a Friday. Most often during fast day’s meat was avoided from the diet. In those days meat was considered to be a luxury food. You would either have to buy meat or would need to have enough space to rear cattle.
Anyone could grow and sell vegetables. Fishes were also easily available and just anyone could catch them form lakes and streams so the basic point was you could survive if u did not have money. So meat is said to be the rich mans food and fish is said to be the poor mans food. Hence the most common form of fasting was to skip meat and eat fish.
I did not necessarilly ‘get’ that you cant drink alcohol from anywhere. it was more of a pragmatic concern. There are a couple secular birthday parties at various pubs/bars i have been invited to and i dont know if i should go. Most, if not all, people will be drinking, and more than likely drunk.

In my view drinking during lent is against the ‘spirit’ of fasting, which is why i was asking

p.s. i in now way meant i was going to get drunk. If it came across that way :confused:
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