Fasting... not on sunday? Why on wednesdays (pt2)

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Do you not fast on sundays during lent? I am readin about what one is supposed to do and the article says you do not fast on sundays, your fast is broken for that day of the week. (i was going to fast fridays and sunday, but i guess sundays out of the question)

and my 2nd question is why do catholics and orthodox fast on wednesdays? (friday i can see to commerate Jesus death, but why wednesday)

p.s. is alcohol only prohibited during fast days or all of lent?
Wednesday commemorates the betrayal of Christ by Judas.

While there is no fasting on Saturdays and Sundays of the Great Fast, for those following the strict fast there is still abstinence even on those days.
p.s. is alcohol only prohibited during fast days or all of lent?
Wine is clearly prohibited in some standards. But as one Orthodox priest has pointed out with a smile “Beer is not wine!”

In some Orthodox monasteries, during the Great Fast, monks were restricted to 1 litre of beer. In one instance I vaguely recall, the saintly abbot put no such restriction on the laity who were helping to build an addition to the monastery… “Working men should not be deprived of this comfort!” was the reasoning.

But as a convert I much love who is one of the cantors at my church has noted “Fasting is like a fine garment - it is tailor made for the individual, not one size fits all.” Using the general prescriptions of the fast, speak with your pastor/confessor about what might be right for you.

Nowadays, one could eat VERY well throughout the Fast with little great effort in some places. I could attend the vegan restaraunt in the trendy neighborhood 5 nights a week, snack on pretzels & exotic nuts, eat teryaki shrimp and crab and lobster, and eat soy cheese, margarine and tofu hot dogs & boca burgers… and keep the strictest fast. At the end of 40 days, I could be self-satisfied and fat… But would I have kept the fast?

If I opted to eat some cheese, or kept the fast by eating cold cereal with milk for the better part of 40 days, would I then be “not fasting”? If I have health issues or a particular strenuous job and opt to take protein by eating a small portion of fish that I could afford rather than more expensive varieties of proteins that are allowed but (in my inland market!) luxurious (shrimp, lobster, crab) would I then be “not fasting”?

Technology being what it is, fasting from cable, the internet, some forms of recreation (maybe like going to movies) coupled with the addition of some charitable work, almsgiving, spiritual reading or addition to a personal prayer rule could demonstrate itself to be far more edifying than simply making sure what one is eating fits in with strictures set in another time and place.

I will keep you in my prayers, and ask you do the same for me.
If anyone fasts on a Sunday, let him be declared Anathema. I don’t remember which council that came from. I don’t have a rudder on hand. Sunday is the 8th day, it represents the new time, time that extends into Heaven. It is a day of celebration, hence no fasting ever on Sundays.
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