Fatima and Predestination

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I’m new, please forgive me if I do this wrong.

I have a question: I saw on a “brochure” about praying the rosary that the visionaries at Fatima said that Mary told them praying the rosary daily, among other things, was a sign of predestination. I thought that the Catholic Church did not teach predestination as “true”. Could you please explain what the visionary said about predestination and the rosary, and if it is in agreement with the church teachings?

Thank you!
The Church does teach predestination. You can find more information on that here:

“A Tiptoe through TULIP” by James Akin:

The more serious problem is this brochure’s assertion that Mary told the visionaries of Fatima that praying the rosary is a sign of predestination. The apparitions at Fatima are private revelation and praying the rosary is a private devotion. A Catholic is not required to believe in private revelation or to take up any particular private devotion in order to be a “good” Catholic, much less in order to “get into heaven.”

If the author of the brochure wishes to promote the apparitions of Fatima and praying the rosary, both of which are approved by the Church and recommended to (not required of) the faithful, that’s fine. It’s another thing entirely for him to suggest that a Catholic’s salvation may hinge upon following these non-binding prescriptions.
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