Funeral Mass on Ash Wednesday?

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I was wondering if it is (in)appropriate to have a funeral mass on Ash Wednesday? There has been conflicting information, but in this case the pastor has personally said it was permissible. I am confused after consulting the GIRM. Can anyone help?
Cannot speak to it being permitted, however, most Parishes I know have more than one Standing Room Only Mass on Ash Wednesday. For the sake of planning it would seem the better decision to have a funeral the next day.
I just checked my ORDO. The Funeral Mass IS permitted on Ash Wednesday; OTOH, Ritual Masses, such as the Nuptial Mass, aren’t. (GIRM 372 & 380).
it is permitted, but in many parishes there are Masses and services scheduled most of the day, so it might by hard to find a church that has time for another funeral and full Mass. Also if passers-by see the church open they will likely come in expecting to receive ashes.
My folks are headed to a funeral mass today. I thought it was odd too when I heard what they were doing. Sadly I suppose it’s a necessity. And the times aren’t conflicting with ash Wednesday masses at all. They still had morning mass and will have evening mass. The funeral is during the day.
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