Futurists (predictions)

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I know the faith forbids involving oneself in hokey pokey fortune predictions. However, we read in the bible lots of future foretelling and reading signs, stars, omens (?).

I understand that we shouldn’t put faith in fortune cookies, or horoscopes/astrological forecasts.

But I find myself interested in, entertained?, in listening to national futurists (people who predict the future - visionists?, remote viewers) - like those you find on the late night radio show CoastToCoastAm (formerly the Art Bell show).

Should this also be refrained from?
Dear Rooster,

Better to stay away from such influences because that is what they are: influences. We may think that we simply find them amusing or entertaining even though we don’t subscribe to them, but the more often we let them in, the easier it is for us to give them more credence than we are aware of. The Lord deserves better from us.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.
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