God parents

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In the past, our luck in god parents for our previous 2 children have not been great. They have either left the faith or not practice as they should. My wife and I are expecting our third child in August, and we are wondering if anyone knows a good way to choose god parents. Is there a secret that we have’nt heard of?
Have any religious friends? I mean religious sisters (nuns).
How about priests?

Sure, maybe your child wont get ‘presents’ at every b’day or holiday but I guarantee prayer and holy example. 😃
We have found that if you choose people who are married (either to each other or separate) who are faithful catholics (understand the faith, receive the sacraments, DON’T contracept, etc.) that you have a far better chance that they will remain faithful practicing catholics.

It is also particularly good if they are close relatives that way you are more assured of staying in touch regularly.
My wife and I, in the past, have been pressured to choose certain relatives. The problem that we have with that is that those relatives don’t even go to Mass anymore. We ended up, on our latest child, selecting close friends that we know are very active and very devout in their Catholic faith.
Cephas, that is a good point. I am the godmother to my littlest sister and the godfather is a priest. I think that it is a wonderful thing to have a priest be a godparent. The child will be remembered always at the Holy Sacrafice of the Mass! Thats Awesome!

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