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Please teach me more about God’s love for me.I understand the Church teaches that God’s love is unconditional.My mind is always trying to find ways to doubt this.please help,Thanks!
God loves us all unconditionally in the sense that we exist and our existence comes from him. He also loves us in the sense that he wants what is good for all, that is, union with him. He desires that all men be saved (1Tim2:3-4), which is another way of saying that he loves everyone. But God does not love sin, for it does not come from him. It is the absence of him, and we can only exist in him. Grave sin keeps us from union with him and, thus, robs us of our existence.

If you doubt that God loves you, meditate on the cross, or go see the movie The Passion. That is what God was willing to do for you. He is a God to be trusted. Let nothing come between you and his love.

Evil is not greater than God. Nothing is. He broke the power of evil over us through his Passion and death. But we must cling to him for the power to remain. Remember, sin separates us from God. If we find ourselves in grave sin, we should seek reconciliation through the sacrament of Confession and hear the words of absolution which reconciles us once again so that we can truly be “in Christ”.
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