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I’m interested in constructive dialogue with Protestant Christians and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on some websites. Looking for those sites which encourage Catholic/Protestant dialogue in a civil manner. I love this site, but I often find myself “preaching to the choir”, so to speak. Thanks for your information.
Christian Forums used to be a good place for such dialogue until Erwin deleted the Interdenominational Debate Forum. Now, only formal debates are allowed there.

The most civil forum I know where you can have interdenominational dialogue is Cross and Flame, here:

Go to their “Denomination-Specific” forum.

Rapture Ready might also offer something in that way, but it’s anti-Catholic.
I don’t know. You might try

<<<Ducks head and runs from room. Ouch! Ooof! Lemme alone!!


I’m not registered there, but for some odd reason, whenever I take a look, I have an urge to get a flak jacket. :eek:
After reading the CARM dialogue examples, it seems attempting to discuss issues there would be akin to arguing with a brick wall (or a tape recorder). I guess it’s not all that uncommon, but nontheless a constant source of aggravation to me. The same old comments over and over again. Example:

Illogical “Apologist”: Do you ask Mary to pray for you (or do you believe in the sacrifical nature of the Eucharist? Or do you believe in Baptismal Regeneration? Or do you believe in the necessity of aurical confession for forgiveness of mortal sin? Etc.)?

Me: Yes

Illogical “Apologist”: Where is that in the Bible?

Me: First of all, why does it have to be in the Bible? Secondly, if I find evidence of it there, what do you have to say to that?

Illogical “Apologist”: I’d say that you must be misinterpreting the Bible.

Me: OK, but why are you able to interpret the Bible correctly, but I am not?

Illogical “Apologist”: Because the Holy Spirit is “enlightening” me.

Me: But how do you know the Holy Spirit is “enlightening” you and not me (and about 2 billion other Catholics, not to mention millions of other Protestants)?

Illogical “Apologist”: Because I’m interpreting the Bible correctly.

Me: OK, but why are you able to interpret the Bible correctly, but I am not?

Illogical “Apologist”: Because the Holy Spirit is “enlightening” me.

Etc, etc., etc. With the circular arguments continuing ad nauseum. Trying to reason with someone incapable of understanding reason and logic is frustrating beyond belief. Any other sites anyone knows of?
Find a board that is dispensationalist. Preferably pre-millenial, pre-tribulation. The interesting things you can learn…

You can go to and go to the religion section. It’s largest contigents are probably Catholic and Calvinists, but there are a few Eastern Orthodox and other denoms as well.
Hey they will let you know where you are defficient in your learning, they have me many times…
It is not an apologetics forum, per se, but the discussion forums at Ship of Fools ( are quite good. It is an Anglican web-zine but Christians of all stripes (and no stripes) participate in the forums. They have a well-enforced set of rules to make sure the discussions stay civil.

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