Have you witnessed anything Supernatural?

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Not that I accept everything people say on this subject… I think most of what people experience can be explained by natural means… but I think it would be an interesting topic.

By default these are not counted for this post: The sacraments
since it is a given that these are supernatural by nature.

What I’m looking for here are witnesses of obsession, possesion, “ghost” stories, etc.

For example a close friend of mine had his aunt die recently. Shortly thereafter he moved to China. While in China his grandmother had decided to sell his car since he wouldn’t be returning anytime soon. She decided on the price of 2,500.00 but had not told anyone yet of her intentions to sell the car. Out of the blue an old family friend came over to the house and offered to buy the car for $3000.00. This friend did not know the guy was in China nor did he know they were about to attempt to sell the car. He said he had come over because the deceased aunt had told him to buy the car for $3000.00. So that’s what he did. He was told that they were selling it for only 2,500.00 but he insisted on 3000.00 cuase that’s what he was “told” to do.

I don’t know what to think about stories like these… but they do get me thinking…

This could be entertaining. 👍
This may be classified as a figment of the imagination, but it does qualify as twilight zone, goosebumpy weird, and comforting.

As a revert, one of my chores was going to my recreational property, removing the pagan idolotry, and inviting Jesus in. It was a long 8 hour drive I took alone with feelings of relief mixed with embarrassment over my foolish behavior. Our practice upon arrival at the cabin was to set off bug bombs and spend the first two hours relaxing in the clearing by the creek.

After lugging out the first lawn chair, I returned to the cabin, set the bombs, and hurried out with the second chair. I suddenly thought, “Why do I need two chairs?”

Rounding the corner to the spot by the creek, there Jesus was, relaxed in the first chair. He looked at me and said. " I have always been here." then vanished.
Well my first thought to this was we all probably witness the supernatural everyday—we just don’t recognize it—but knowing what the original poster was getting at— I have had some experiences. I had one similar to the one mentioned by “grandmother” which I will get to. Before my “reversion” back to Catholicism about 8years ago I had gone pretty far afield. I had gotten into some new agey-pagan type stuff. I was learning methods of divination especially through Tarot cards and I was hanging out with solitary witches— we decided we should create a “worship circle” and one of the women said she had some experienced contacts. Plans were made and we all decided to meet in a local family style restaurant to discuss what we were looking for in the group. I was the last to arrive because I was coming from work and when I got there I was lead to a large table in the middle of the restaurant that had about 8 people sitting around it— I knew half of them and the other half were pretty innocuous looking–like the rest of us. We were all pretty average jane or joe looking—perhaps some a little eccentric in their dress but nothing that stood out as bizarre. The conversation went to spell casting, working in groups—what our purpose was for the “energies” we would be calling up. After about 45 minutes I started feeling something I had never experienced before— nor have I since. (Thanks be to God!) The best way I can describe it would be that I suddenly felt like all the light and air were being sucked out of the room— nothing looked different there was just this heavy oppressiveness— I swear it was palpable— As the minutes ticked by it got worse and worse—as I was looking for a way to excuse myself one of the women giggled and pointed at me and said— “Are you in a hurry or something?” I became aware of the fact that without realizing it I had turned my whole body towards the exit and I was sort of looking over my shoulder at the group—suddenly my on-call pager went off and I quickly took advantage of the opportunity to make a hasty retreat. When I got to the car I just sat there tyrying to make sense of the whole experience. I felt so “creeped out” by it all— it didn’t make sense. After I composed myself I called the answering service to pick up the emergency page and they told me that the page was a mistake!

Several months later— I was no longer hanging out with witches–but I was still meditating and reading new age kind of stuff----and playing with tarot cards-- and this one afternoon I began my meditation — I was listening to a tape that had ocean waves crashing on the shore—In my mind I saw myself sitting on a large rock. I noticed way off in the distance a figure that was walking towards me. This figure drew closer and closer but i really didn’t pay too much attention— suddenly I was aware that this person was standing right before me— looking up the sun was behind him and all I could see was an outline of a hooded figure. This man’s hand appeared right before my face— I took it and this person pulled me up into an embrace. In that instance I was flooded with a feeling of peace—like I had never felt before. The embrace ended and this person put their hands on my shoulder and drew back a couple steps— it was Jesus— I looked right into his eyes for just a brief moment I was lighter then air it seem— joyful. then it ended— just like that—not a word was spoken but a lot was communicated— I was changed that day. First of all I was shocked— I was 40 and I hadn’t thought about Jesus in years (I had converted to Judaism in my early twenties) but gradually I found myself feeling drawn to pray the rosary—something I hadn’t done in about 25 years!!! Then every time I drove past a Catholic Church I would feel a yearning to go in–finally after a couple of months I did— within a year I was back home in the Church— and —thanks be to God— two years later my Protestant husband and my two teen age kids (raised as Jews) had converted!

Looking back on it now I really believe that in that restaurant experience the Lord allowed me to see and feel that there is evil in the world— and that I was moving dangerously close to it— I believe it was a special grace that allowed me to witness it in such a concrete fashion and to not have been harmed. My spiritual director said that I was lucky— in more ways then one. I don’t believe that any one person there was maliciously evil or possessed or anything like that— I believe that it was an experience of the evil powers that surround us all the time— just waiting for an opportunity to strike at us… So that’s my story!:tiphat:
I had an experience while I was in college that proved to me beyond the shadow of a doubt not only the existence of a spiritual dimension, but of evil spirits.

As a child I had always been intrigued by the idea of so-called “astral projection”, whereby a person can leave his body and travel through the “astral plane” as a spirit. When I was a teenager I bought an instruction manual, but quickly lost interest. A few years later, in college, I dug the book out of storage and decided to give AP a try.

I did the preliminary exercises and finally was ready. I lay back on my bed and began to visualise my astral body leaving my physical form, and as this was happening, I began to become conscious of entering another place. I say “become conscious of” rather than “see myself”, because I didn’t really see this other place with my eyes. The best way I can explain it is to say I saw in mental images, rather like a dream. At any rate, I felt I was in an in-between state: I hadn’t fully left my body, nor had I fully materialised in the new place. As I approached full entry into the astral plane, however, I now became conscious of many, many entities rushing toward the spot where I was appearing. Several were already there and waiting. As I said, I didn’t see with my eyes, but with a sort of mental vision, which not only showed me the visual component of this new dimension, but alerted me to the intentions of the entities that inhabited it. The visual part wasn’t too clear, probably because I had not yet completely “become solid”, but the intentions of the inhabitants of this new place were all too plain, as if I could read their minds. They were, to a man, wholly malevolent, and were waiting only until I had become solid enough to seize hold of, at which point they fully intended to tear me apart and devour me. This shocked and frightened me so suddenly that I was violently pulled back into my body, shivering and shaking, and I never had anything to do with occult practices again. Not long after this experience, I began the long search for truth which led me at last, at the age of thirty-three, to the Catholic Church. I regard my supernatural experience as being rather in the nature of a mother telling her young baby, “Don’t touch the stove! It’s hot, you’ll be burned!” God let me see just enough behind the veil to realise that I was fooling around with forces I could not handle, and I have never forgotten the lesson.
I had a very powerfull experience while praying before the sacrament… It was regarding My girlfreind at the time, I heard a voice telling me that he put her in my way for a reason, and on the way home she told me (not knowing what I orayed about) that she had been praying for a Christian man to come her way…We have been married 12 years…
I shared with a woman once who was a bit unstable that for about three evenings one after the other at 8 P.M. exactly the sun didn’t set in the usual manner. It "rose "back up in the air and resembled the sacred host.I had seen too a figure with his arms outstretched.The woman said she’d had the same thing happen on a trip over in Ireland and she was quite stunned with the detail about 8 P.M.

When I went to Mass on a Sunday after, I distinctly saw the high set statue of S Bridget with her little law book moving it…She seemed animated for more than about ten minutes.Then something odd occurred when I had received communion, about five people walked over me.

I didn’t go back to the woman I think I had been deceived and miraculously a real saint told me off and drew me back into line.
Three years ago my brother died. Every year on his birthday, November 2 – All Souls’ day – our entire family goes to the cemetary with his wife, their two kids (aged 6 & 4) and his wife’s parents. We sing happy birthday and let balloon go to heaven with messages. This past year was a very cold and cloudy day and the balloon were going off to the right. All of a sudden a hole opened in the cloud cover left of the balloons and they all went towards the hole as if Robert was gathering up his birthday presents.
A second event that happened was last weekend flowers appeared on the graves of our grandparents, an uncle and cousin in the same cemetary, none on my brothers. At the extended family gathering everybody was discussing this and we could not figure out who put the flowers there. My personal opinion is that Robert paid a spiritual visit to the cemetary.
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Nope. Unless you call this ongoing miracle that we call life supernatural. But then I would be saying that the natural is really supernatural–and perhaps it is.
I have lots of experience with the supernatural. One was 2 months after my husband died, i was praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament—I was very tired & couldn’t keep my eyes opened. I sat down & when I did, i saw my husband beside me—it was only for a split second but he was there. I have lots of questions that i want to ask him but i was so happy to see him, i wouldn’t of asked him anything. He always told me that when he was alive—I used to say I can’t wait to get to heaven to know all the answers—his reply was when you get to heaven you won’t want to know the answers.
I haven’t, but my mother did several years ago.

She was sitting in an airport terminal waiting for her flight to Memphis, TN, to visit my little cousin who had been seriously injured. The whole family was really worried about the outcome. She was reading a book or magazine, and glanced up to find two nicely dressed gentlemen looking at her. They were seated just across the aisle from her. One of them said, “Don’t worry, Barbara, Brett will be just fine.” Without really thinking about it, she said, “Thank you,” then realized they really would have no idea why she would be worried; she looked up and they were gone – the waiting area was empty, and they were no where to be seen.

She thinks they must have been angels sent to comfort her.
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