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I’d like some advice, but my questions arn’t posting. If this one posts I’ll follow it immediately with my longer, real queston.
(4th attempt today) I stopped going to mass in 1967 when I was a confused 17 year old. I plan on geting used to attending Mass before I find a priest to hear my confession of 30 plus years of sin. The post- Tridentine Mass is not familiar to me. I’ve bought some missals but find myself flipping back & forth a lot during Mass and that interferes with what should be worship. Is there any Missal extant that goes from each Sunday to Sunday to Holy Day to Sunday, each Mass as its own unit? I expect it would be large , or multiple volumes, but worth it to me.
I live in the Milwaukee Archdiocise which has (only) one Tridentine Mass a week. I could go that way, but it’s not the Parish I grew up in of which I have fond memories. I’d like to at least give the mainsteam a fair try.
Any help regarding the missal situation?
(BTW, I do not take communion.)

Really would suggest you get into Confession as soon as possible. It hasn’t changed.
Try St. Anthonys in South Milwaukee, it uses the current missal, but also makes use of a bit of Latin, and uses the altar rail, so you can get much of the reverence of the old mass, yet get used to the current missal, its cycle of readings and some of the prayers that have been changed.
No one has really helped me with my specific question, one might note.
Hi AB,

There are several missals which do what you ask, I believe, even if I can’t give you direct names or citations off the top of my head. (I tend not to use missals.) If your church has a bookstore attached, I suggest that you might invest $5 and purchase a book which I believe is simply called “The Order of the Mass.” It is exactly that–it gives the order of both Liturgies, the prayers (all options), and the spots for the readings. Obviously, it doesn’t include particular readings or psalms, though.

Other things that might be of use to you:
Gives a flow-through (did I make upa term?) of the Mass.
Tells you the readings and psalms for any given day.
Is just an interesting take on the Mass as it is…

Hope this helps!!!

On the missal question: I’m going to very highly recommend to you to get a subscription to Magnificat. It comes out monthly, with a special issue for Holy Week, and has the full Mass texts for each day with NO flipping around. It also has a short form of Liturgy of the Hours for each day, and TONS of extra teaching and devotional stuff. Their website is, the phone # 1-866-273-5215 for subscribing [39.95/year]

And, WELCOME HOME! Just where in Milwaukee are you? You may want to come to the Cathedral for Mass some early Sunday morning ---- most of the time the archbishop preaches at 8 a.m. and he is excellent. (not that any of the priests at Cathedral aren’t excellent). If I see you, I’ll even give up my own copy of Magnificat to get you started ---- round brunette lady with glasses, oxygen tubing, blue wheelchair.

Gesu Parish is the place to go for confession; two hours of scheduled time every day but Sundays&holidays. If you can get Fr. Herian or Fr. John Campbell do so, they are great, but I haven’t experienced a “bad” one yet there.

If you need more Milwaukee-specific stuff, don’t hesitate to email; there’s an email link on my “anchor hold” site

karen marie
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