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If I am late to mass, am I still eligible to receive the Holy Communion?

Is there any crucial celebration in the mass that one must observe in order to be able to receive the Holy Communion?

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You should be present for the entire Mass in order to receive communion. Yet, if you are late for some reason beyond your control, you should not receive communion if you miss the general confession, where your venial sins are forgiven.

This is the link to the catechism regarding Eucharist. I think you have to get there before the offertory if it’s your only Mass of the day. You wouldn’t be able to receive a second time in any given day without fully participating in the second Mass.

In general, though, it’s obviously one of those things where you have to do what your conscience tells you. If you think you shouldn’t receive, it helps me to know that I am participating in Holy Communion when I am present even if I can’t receive that day. Honestly, I’ve felt so much more awe since I started truly examining my conscience before approaching Eucharist. It really does make you have a real reverence for the reality of Christ’s Presence.
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If you arrive late for reasons beyond your control you can receive Holy Communion. If you arrive after the Gospel reading you have missed Mass and should attend another to meet your obligation for attendance. However that would not prevent you from receiving Communion at the first one. If you arrive late because of your own fault, You should wait and attend another Mass. I was asked this a few years ago and after doing some research found something that listed three specific parts of the Mass that you needed to be present for in order to technically say that you were at Mass. For instance technically if you get up and go to the bathroom during the Consecration, you missed Mass! The others could have been the priest’s Communion and the reading of the Gospel?
I would challenge intrntsrch to state any documentation that you should not receive Communion if you arrive late.

The old rule was that you had to be present from the Gospel reading through Communion to fulfill your Sunday obligation (I am assuming, from your question, that you are asking about Sunday Mass).

Which, or course, led people to a very minimalist attitude towards the Mass and the Eucharist.

If you missed that Masss through your own fault, you still have an obligation to attend Mass; if no other Mass is available, then you have failed to meet your Sunday obligation; I would suggest that the sacrament of Reconciliation would be appropriate.

If you missed Mass through no moral fault of your own, and no other is available, Then the obligation is not there; no intent, no sin.
We are all assuming that the original poster refered to Sunday Mass. If you are talking about a weekday Mass, the receiving of communion does not require attendance at any other part. However if you are attending weekday Mass you are probable not a minimalist.
Thanks for all your comments. My original query was meant for Sunday mass.

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