How do you live the little way of St. Therese?

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How has someone you know lived the little way of St. Therese or how have you lived it?

Lets hear some little ways to inspire us all to live in accord with it!
This is not my idea, but a dear friend’s. She recently got a St. Therese medal, but instead of wearing it around her neck, she put it on a bracelet, so the medal hits her wrist/hand throughout the day. She says this way when she’s doing the dishes, or picking up her crying child, or doing yet another load of laundry, the medal hits her and she remembers “Do it all with great love.” ❤️
I have a feeling it’s going to take me a lifetime to fully adopt the Little Way. I’m so stubborn! The thing I do most is deny myself, like when my Lieutenant at work asks me to do some boring task or someone says something rude and I bite my tongue rather then snap back at them. The true test came when I visited my family this Christmas. They drove me insane! But the Little Flower kept popping up in my imagination whenever my hackles would go up. Talk about an effective reminder! A Little Flower “pop up” hehehe

When I’m doing something “in love” even if I don’t feel very loving I force myself to smile, talk nice, be nice. So even if I’m feeling evil on the inside I make myself be loving. I’ve noticed that eventually I DO become loving! It’s strange…but it works.

Saint Therese is my Patron Saint but I didn’t chose her - she chose me before I was even Catholic. She’s powerful! And her Little Way brings so much peace and sanity to my life.

God bless!!!
Here goes,
everyone that I meet or interact with I try to say a short prayer for them. If am angry with them it is a huge help to pray for them.
Wierd thing just happened. My mom came downstairs for water or something. I was on my laptop and the TV was on EWTN. Well the first thing she sees on EWTN (ever) is a St. Therese commercial type thing, stopped her in her tracks pretty cool.
What’d she do after she stopped in her tracks???
I just entered the Church this Easter. St. Thérèse played a part in my conversion and I selected her as my patron saint for confirmation.
Prometheum_x, congratulations! Would you be so kind as to share your story of how St. Therese played a part in your conversion?
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