How do you meditate on the Rosary? Glorious

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Often I hear that when one is praying the Rosary, they should meditate on the mystery for that decade. I would like to know what you might do for meditating on the mysteries. Perhaps, the Glorious mysteries for this thread and if there is interest, another thread can be started for other mysteries. Do you meditate on the mystery itself or more on how that mystery might apply to your life?

Also, what are some good books on this topic?
as you are reciting the Hail Marys try to concentrate or just let your mind go with the mystery announced at the beginning… if it’s the sorroful mysteries, your thoughts can go to the agony of the garden, the fear our lord must have experinced awaiting his arrest by the guards of the sanhedrin… the scourging at the pillar, anyone who’s seen a flogging shouldn’t have to jumb boulders to imagine the flesh of Christ being stripped away for your sins… you see, it’s the anticipation of the word incarnate, birth, crucifixion, now the mysteries of light… just let your thoughts fall to the feet of the man/God who came and died so you might be live and be free from all pain and strife… whooee… i could talk all day about this… trust me… say your Rosary every day… it will come to you in buckets…peace… 👍
I bought a book for Adoration and it has the Scriptural Rosary in it for the Sorrowful, Glorious and Joyful mysteries. I have found this to be very helpful to me in meditating upon the mysteries. The name of the book is “An Hour with Jesus”.
The classic book is “The Secret of the Rosary” by St. Louis de Montfort, and there are many other good ones.

I seem to have lost my ability to meditate on the mysteries while praying the rosary, and have to settle for repeating the prayers (and that with difficulty at times.)
I have been praying the Rosary since I’ve been 7 years old. (I’m now 42) My family used to gather right after dinner each night, and one of the children would be selected to lead the prayers that evening. I recall one of the things we would do after reciting the Mystery about to be prayed, is recite a short line from Scripture that tied in to that Mystery. Example: Today is Thursday, so the Luminous Mysteries are said. The second Luminous Mystery is “The Wedding at Cana” … His Mother said to the servants, “Do whatever He tell you.” John2:5

This technique not only helps me concentrate on the Mystery being recited, but allows me to memorize key aspectes of Our Lord life. On really difficult days, when concentration can be difficult, I recite the Rosary “out loud” forcing me to reflect on what I’m saying while helping me remember what’s really important in my day. The key is to say it everyday.

Another thought: Saying all 20 mysteries takes about an hour; perfect while in the Presence of Our Lord during Adoration … Peace
Personally, I try to picture myself as being present as the mystery is happening. I don’t really recall where I picked up that idea, but I find it really helps me.

Another technique I sometimes make use of is to add a saying about the mystery to each Hail Mary. For example, for the Resurrection, I might say
“…and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus, who rose from the dead. Holy Mary, Mother of God…”

I’ve been doing that so long, that I don’t recall where I picked it up.

Up until the last five years, I rarely prayed the Rosary. Wasn’t really against it, just didn’t understand it, I guess. A friend asked me one time to pray with her for a special intention, and I’ve been doing so ever since (thanks be to God!) 🙂

One of the things I LOVE about the mysteries of the Rosary is that they are SO rich and you can meditate on so many different aspects of each mystery depending on what you are going through in your life, or what intention you are saying the Rosary for (perhaps a job intention, or the death of a family member, etc.)

For example, I’ll pick the Second Joyful mystery (because it’s one of my favorites!). I think about the bible passage of Mary’s Visitation to Elizabeth. Here are just a couple of the possible reflections on this mystery:
  • How generous it was of Mary, during this trying time in her life, to go to her cousin Elizabeth and help her during what was most likely a difficult pregnancy, given her age. Prayer: God help me to reach out to others even when I’m going through difficulties myself.
  • How comforting it was to Elizabeth to have Mary there, and how wondrous to have her baby (John the baptist) LEAP in her womb in recognition of Jesus’ presence in Mary’s womb! Prayer: Lord, help me to recognize Your Presence in others. May I always bring Your Holy Presence to those around me.
  • As the baby, John, leaps in Elizabeth’s womb, it reminds me of the sanctity of life at all its stages. This mystery has four people involved, not just two! Prayer: Lord, be with all women who are carrying children in their wombs and help them choose life for their babies.
Anyway, you get the idea. I think it was Fr. Groeschel who said that we call them “mysteries” because they can never be fully grasped, we will forever be contemplating the Greatness of God in these holy events! 👍
The Rosary is a devotional prayer… I have learned to love and enjoy.
How I meditate? This is an interesting question.
Well, you put the Glorious mysteries as an example… and we have 5 mysteries, Resurrection, Ascension, Descension of the Holy Spirit, Assumption, and Coronation. For each mystery I focus on what Jesus did and incorporate it in each of the Hail Mary’s… Example, Resurrection… What did Jesus do here? He rose from the dead.
So when I pray Hail Mary… and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus… at this point I add “Who rose from the dead”…
Annother example… Descent of the Holy Spirit… When I say Hail Mary… …and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus, who sent the Holy Spirit. Do you kinda get it? I hope it helps.
Hope this can help!

To pray the Rosary is really to do three things at the same time:
  1. Rytm and the tactile feeling from the beads under our fingers help us consentrate.
  2. It is a marian prayer where we continuarly ask Mary to pray for us.
  3. It is a christological prayer where we consentrate on things that happend in the life of Jesus (from the Bible).
Teknically it is more then one way of doing the prayer. I think I saw an advise to you about looking at EWTN’s program on the world-Rosary. You will learn much by looking at others.

You can also go to a catholic church who practise praying The Rosery in a group.

I want to recommand you a link to an online Rosary. If you are not used to pray the Rosary you can learn it from the link. Keep online while clicking at the boxes. Pray the prayers and use the pictures to keep focused on the mystery.

(More spesifik: Mark the first box with a clik. Clik on the words beside the box (“Sign of the Cross” is the first). At the right side of the web-window the prayers comes up. -------- When done clic at the next box, the words beside the box, pray ------- and so on. When you come to the first mystery, a picture of the mystery will pop up at the left side of the window at your EDB)

When I am tired and have problems consentrating, I look up this link. I hold the Rosery in my hands and pray the ordinary way, but I use the pictures on the web to help me stay focused on the mysteries.

Hope the link may be of help and a blessing to you!

(Please excuse any spellingmistakes. English is not my first language).

You will find the Rosary of the day under the readings for Mass:


Just another way to use the beads. Best used alone, since its hard to keep up with group recitation using this method. I cannot find the tiny booklet that got me started on this practice. Any one know who the credit belongs to?

Break the mystery into ten distinct steps,
and, I embelish…with full detailed scenary and smells… ie: .

First bead, Mary is kneeling in her back yard starting her evening prayers, her chores are done, all is tidy, the sun has just begun to set bringing cooling shade while a pitcher of fresh picked flowers sit on the table by the door. Mary is so happy just to relax and share with God. 2nd bead -The angel appears before her…

It took a long time to develop the limit of 10 points to ponder, and still, I stray, and sort of hang around that mystery a few xtra HM’s to wrap it up.
As someone else mentioned, I also try to imagine myself as witnessing the mystery or being apart of it. I try to imagine how/what Jesus would be saying as I would be seeing all of it unfold (ex.during the Scouring I have pictured Jesus as he was being whipped, turning to me and sayin “It’s ok, Jim, I will suffer this for you” or Jesus seeing all my sins during the Agony in the Garden). This brings me to tears when I meditate on these things. I have a mental picture which I can concentrate on also
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