Invalid Marriage and the Eucharist

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Both my husband and I were fallen-away Catholics when we met and married. Both of us are previously divorced-he from a Catholic marriage and myself from a civil one. Now that we have returned to our faith, we are in the process of filing for his annulment. During this waiting period and the possibility the annulment is not granted, we wondered about our status in the Church. We know that we cannot receive the Eucharist and this saddens us terribly. If we agreed to live a chaste marriage, would we be eligible to receive Communion?
Dear Revert.

If you go to Confession and live as brother and sister while waiting for the annulment to be granted, you may receive the Eucharist. The reason the Church imposes such a sanction is that it recognizes the first marriage as valid until proven otherwise. So until the two of you are free to validly marry in the Church, he is still considered to be married to someone else. You both are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.
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