Is it OFFICIALLY possible to

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Is it OFFICIALLY possible to belong to more than one diocese / archdiocese ?

The reason why I ask is because there is a parish in the Newark (NJ) Archdiocese that my family has a long history with. My daughter was baptized there; my wife and I were married there; I was baptized there; my parents were married there; etc.

Due to work & other economic reasons, we were forced to move over two hours (one way via car) away. We joined a local parish in the Allentown ¶ Diocese.

We are on the books as members in both parishes. We go to church at both parishes (once a month to the Newark one for Sunday mass and the other Sunday masses of the month at the Allentown one). Holy day masses are alternated between the two churches and active stewardship is given to both parishes.

Are we / can we be OFFICIALLY members of both parishes?
I am no expert (I just went through RCIA and became Catholic this Easter), but I asked this very question during RCIA and was told that you cannot belong to more than one parish.
But you can of course go to a parish other than the one you belong to.
I may be answering late but I just found you post. You may only register at one parish. Technically the parish you belong to is determined by where you live. Each parish is given distinct geographical boundaries. In most dioceses (at least these days) you are permitted to register at another parish within your diocese for various reasons. For example, if you have strong attachments (family and friends) at another parish or if the traditional Latin mass is available at another parish and you want to participate in it regularly. Registering in another parish is not something you should do lightly, however, because there is a certain obligation to support the parish in which you live. By my limited experience, this obligation is not strictly enforced. If you do register at another parish, be sure to notify the parish where you are already registered.

If you are frequently in another diocese (one in which you do not live), you are free to attend any parish you want. However, you cannot register in another diocese unless you move there. Working there doesn’t count. Remember that the Church is an institution with laws and jurisdictions to which we are bound. I hope this helps to answer your questions.
Then what does one do when you have a winter house in Florida and your main residence in your current geographical area? I have a friend whose parents have a house in Florida in the Winter time.

This doesn’t apply to me, but just thought this situation is quite unique since it wasn’t brought up.

go with God!
There’s only one way to find out:
Register at both parishes without mentioning the one parish to the other. Just fill out the form at both places.

Nowm, what will that gain you ? Absolutely nothing, nearly the same advantage of registering at any parish because there usually isn’t much benefit to you. The only benefits may be the ability to get married or buried from a place

If someday someone expresses disapproval, remember that it is easier to obtain forgiveness than permission.
you do realize that registering in two parishes will get you two sets of envelopes, and since you want the benefit of belonging to two parishes you are morally obligated to support both parishes. incidentally, that is what most of us winter texans do, continue supporting our old parish in minnesota or iowa or wherever and support our parish down here during the months we reside here. most of us are also active in both parishes, especially in volunteering and outreach with missions in Mexico etc.
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