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I have noticed many post about the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches. So, I am posting this link to EWTN which has a series you can watch called: Light of the East

Here is a quote for the website,
Light of the EastJoin our hosts Fr. Michael Sopoliga and Fr. Joseph Bertha, two Ruthenian priests, as they explore the Eastern churches of the Catholic Church. Through discussion, photos and chant we will better be able to follow the Holy Father in his expressed desire that the Church breathe with “two lungs.” “The light of the East has illuminated the universal Church, from the moment when a ‘rising sun’ appeared above us (Lk 1:78): Jesus Christ, our Lord, whom all Christians invoke as the Redeemer of man and the hope of the world.” -Orientale Lumen
Read Pope John Paul’s Apostolic Letter: “Light of the East” Orientale Lumen in the EWTN Document Library.
I have season one, from 2001 on VHS tape but is season two from 2003 on tape?
I looked on the EWTN Catalog site and only still shows season one.

Go with God!

P.S. Air Times
Sunday 4:30AM
Sunday 6:30PM
Wednesday 11:30PM
Glory to Jesus Christ!

I don’t believe the second season was ever released, I didn’t even realize there were two seasons. I don’t have cable TV.

I had also purchased the first season, it was good, but no substitute for actually visiting some Eastern Catholic churches and speaking to the priests and deacons.

After my deep exposure to eastern Catholicism I can truly say that it was the best thing I ever did. I only regret that I did not do so when my children were small, it would have helped in their spiritual formation.

In Christ Our Lord,
There is word on another list that Fr. Michael (and hopefully Fr. Jospeh) is preparing to make another series. I’m of the opinion EWTN needs more ECC programming so this was exciting news.

I’ve been trying for several months to buy the tapes of the series to use with cathechesis in my parish. EWTN removed the tapes from their store and sadly are taking the show off the air now, too. I’ve attempted to tape the programs but they’ve been preempted so often that wasn’t very successful. -Marylouise
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