"M" in Mass

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When I was a kid, we always capitalized Mass as a sign of the respect to which the prayer is entitled… Is this no longer the custom ?
I think it’s respectful to capitalise the Mass as the sacrament where Our Lord is received…just as I rarely don’t fail to write pronouns and possessives connected with God or Jesus or The Holy Spirit with capitals., e.g. Jesus said to His mother.

In England however the upper classes or the social climbers have an irritating habit of using a long a in the way they say mass , so that it inevitably comes out like MARSE.It can’t be criticised too much, the dictionary endorses both a long and short a -but I don’t think you would have been right saying meeesa with e’s ad infinitum, but again who is to say.It certainly became a little too much for me, prole that I am and because I’d never heard so many people want to keep using it…pronunciation,dear me.
Does anyone in the states say Marse ?
I always use a capital “M” out of respect. Just as I always use a capital “P” for Priest out of respect.
For me, the Mass is the greatest prayer and just like we capitalize the Roasry, why not capitalize the Mass…😉
I always capitalize the word Mass because it refers to a specific event in history. Every time we celebrate the Eucharist, we are participating in the one Mass that Christ Himself offered. Just as we would refer to the Revolution (i.e. the American Revolution) to distinguish it from other revolutions, we refer to the Mass as a specific and world-changing event.
I also always capitalize Mass.

(The word “mass” is a unit of matter.)

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