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I’ve been a subscriber to Catholic Digest for nearly 15 years and have read it cover to cover every month until recently. The format has changed and there is more fluff and, I’m sorry to say, articles that don’t always support Catholic teaching. So I’m looking for another Catholic magazine that will provide the variety and spiritual boost I’m looking for. Any suggestions? I’m thinking maybe the St. Anthony Messenger would fit the bill.
I like New Oxford Review. It used to be an Anglo-Catholic periodical, before they swam the Tiber. At times humorous, but always serious, I find it a good critical publication.
Hello Ken,

I strongly recommend Crisis Magazine.

A visit to the Crisis website will give you an idea of the excellent material provided in this monthly (11 editions a year) publication

You will also be impressed by Crisis’s roster of regular contributors. As a whole they are enlightening and entertaining while remaining faithful to the Magisterium of the Church.

Let me know what you think.
I agree with your take on Catholic Digest, which is why I stopped my subscription a few months ago. Unfortunately, I found the same to be true at times with St. Anthony Messenger. How about This Rock by Catholic Answers? It’s solid and packed full of good info! 👍
This thread was very helpful. In my mail today I received a subscription offer from Catholic Digest. They certainly give the appearance of being a magazine that is faithful to the magisterium, but acting on your advice, I think I’ll skip this offer.
I recommend the National Catholic Register (not Reporter). It’s in a newsaper format. Very solid.
Just about anything would be better. I cancelled my (naive) subscription about 5 years ago when they did a profile about a gay ballplayer.

This Rock
The Latin Mass

Weekly newspaper: National Catholic Register … a must read!
I was thinking about sending off my post-card for the “free trial issue”, but it sounds like I would be wasting my time.

I’ll stick with Crisis Magazine, but maybe I’ll add *The Latin Mass * to my reading.
Viking update would be a great choice. You can follow the Minnesota Vikings all the way to the Super Bowl!
This Rock by Catholic Answers


Lay Witness by Catholic United for the Faith

The Catalyst Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

Join the Catholic League too!
For variety in reading, I’d have to recommend either Our Sunday Visitor or National Catholic Register. Both are weekly Catholic newspapers.

In my opinion, the Visitor is a lighter read than the Register. If I remember correctly, you might enjoy the Visitor’s style as something akin to Catholic Digest.

Maybe you could get each (Visitor and Register) to send you an old copy and compare the two?

I would stay away from St. Anthony’s Messenger. Their website, has been given a bad review for their fidelity “to the mind of the church.”

From Catholic Culture website reviews: “DANGER! The site tends toward disobedience to ecclesiastical authority, schism or heresy. There is repeated emphasis on views which contradict or undermine either the teachings of the Church or her disciplinary authority.”

You might want to check into Faith & Family magazine, however it’s only published 4 times a year. Law Witness also has variety. My favorite is Crisis, but it is not light reading.

Hope this helps!

Looks like y’all get what we do. 😉

Let’s not forget about “Canticle” – one of the best magazines for Catholic women ever!! I definitely second “This Rock” and “Envoy.” I love “Crisis” but it is definitely different from the type of things you’d read in “Catholic Digest.”

One final note – in cancelling, definitely tell them why!!
One more tip:

I used to subscribe to The Wanderer. While it is a conservative Catholic paper, and I am a conservative Catholic, I have to say it was one of the most depressing reads ever. It’s chalk full of stories about heterodox priests and Bishops. I don’t think reading it was very good for my faith. It’s nice to know what’s going on in the Church but man oh man.
New Oxford Review is by far my favorite. Envoy is good, too. I subscribed to The Catholic Answer magazine until Fr. Peter Stravinskas left. 😦 It’s really fluffy, too. I don’t like Our Sunday Visitor for the same reason. Another one to avoid is Catholic Family News. It has an ultratraditionalist bent, and has some really mean-spirited and schismatic stuff.
Kay Walker:
… I’m thinking maybe the St. Anthony Messenger would fit the bill.
Stay away from St. Anthony Messenger. It’s worse than Catholic Digest and is at times quite dissenting of Rome.:mad:
I agree with many of the other observations. But please, we can’t overlook how terrific Envoy Magazine is.

Read some back issues at

They also have a digital subscriber price, where you can download the each issue in PDF format and print it on a regular printer for only $12.95 per year.
My top faves:

1)Nathional Catholic REGISTER
2)This Rock
3)New Oxford Review
5)Latin Mass

You won’t go wrong with any of these.
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