Marriage Act

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My husband and I were married last summer. While reading a book I came across something I was unaware of, that it is a sin to engage in the marriage act during the wife’s menstrual cycle. Also, while reading a magazine I came across, in passing, that married couples should refraim from the marriage act three days prior to recieving communion. I am not sure I am interpreting correctly what I have read. What is the church’s standing on these issues? Thank you.
Neither Church teaching nor Church law support these claims.

In the Old Testament there was a requirement to abstain from marital relations during a woman’s monthly time because an external flow of blood resulted in ceremonial uncleanness, but this does not affect Christians since Christians are not bound by the Mosaic Law.

Neither is there any “fasting” period from marital relations before receiving Communion. The only fast there is in Church law is a one hour fast from food and drink (other than water) before Communion time.
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